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If you want it thick, here it is!

I really do love this stuff. I am so glad I gave it a chance because now that I have learned to use it in the right amount, it feels so natural and it doesn't need re-application for at least 30 minutes. Great for whatever you plan to use it for - even anal sex! It doesn't get better than Sliquid H20!!!
Lasts long, No harmful ingredients, Compatible with all toys/condoms, Safe on all skin types
A little bit thick, but you get used to it.
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I can't say that I was totally crazy about how thick Sliquid H2O was at first. I purchased it simply to have something to use with my vibrators when I had accidentally lost my bottle of Pink Water. I needed something made for a woman, that was organic and not too pricey. (And I also had an Amazon gift card that needed to be used badly... *laughs*)

So I bought this Sliquid H20. Sliquid has never failed me before, so I trusted my purchase. I poured it out to discover that it was thick and gooey. Almost like some sort of dish soap before you add water. I realized though, that the less you use the better it is when you're playing with toys. And when it comes to anal sex, or sex in general, this stuff gets the job done right.

It lacks harmful ingredients like parabens, glycerine, fragrances, flavorings, allergens, dyes, L-Arginine, petro-chemicals... I could go on and on. It really is organic, and it really is what I would like to call a woman's best friend. No risk of yeast infection or UTI. That's why I ordered it!

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Like I said, it's really thick. It's like pouring a thin syrup! (NOTE: It is very easy to pour. When I mean pouring a thing syrup, I don't want you to think about Mrs. Butterworth's! I just mean this stuff is thicker than most water-based lubricants.)

As your body warms up it thins out more and the lubricant is buttery smooth. It reminds me a lot of Maximus, except it isn't as textured as Maximus is. It isn't greasy, yet it lasts a very long time without drying up. I have never had to reapply it. One squirt and I'm good to go. If anything, I have had to use LESS.

If I were to pour a dimed-size amount on my arm it would stay in place until I rubbed it around. But I like this. Everyone hates that "spot" underneath their bum on their sheets after a session of masturbation. Thankfully this stuff doesn't drip around like that!

Taste / Aroma

There is no aroma to this product, whatsoever. That is because it is not scented! (Which is quite good for your body, although it sounds like a bummer to some.) I actually prefer my lubricants this way. It is also not flavored. It has a funny taste to it. I know someone else on EF described it to taste like gelatin and I can't think of a better way to describe it. My mother used to mix unflavored gelatin in a bowl to make pies when I was younger and I tasted it once and it is a match to this lube! But it is not disgusting in any way.


It performs exceptionally well during anal sex. I really have to let everyone know this as it is not often that a water-based lubricant performs well during anal sex. A nickel-sized amount on the penis and a little tad bit around the anus and you're good to go for a good 30/45 minutes without any re-application! Same goes for sex. I just spread it across my inner labia and near my vagina. About a nickel-sized amount as well. I don't even need to lube my husband as this stuff lets him glide right in wit no problems.

It's great with all toys, and great for all purposes. I would even suggest this (in a VERY small amount) as a personal moisturizer for those who have trouble. I do myself, from time to time. It washes off easily in water if you applied too much (like I did the first use) or when you're just ready to clean up. The overall lifespan of the nickel sized amount I mentioned is about half an hour. But by that time I am usually done.


This comes in the bottle shown on the product page. It is wrapped in a plastic bag but that is all. The bottle is made of plastic, so it is recyclable and eco-friendly. Just as all the other Sliquid bottles are, this one is a little hard to squeeze. So you do have to get used to that. But it's not terrible to the point where I would ask for a refund or something. You just have to get used to the sturdy bottle. In the end, it's better to have a sturdy bottle than one that may crack or leak.

It is described on the label as a "personal intimate lubricant," but the label is designed so discreetly that this could be mistaken for a body wash or hand soap from afar. It is small enough that you could put it in any drawer or bathroom cabinet. So I personally say this is discreet. Due to the size (4.2 oz.) you can easily travel with it.

Special Features

While there is no added sensations, flavors, or scents, you get all of this:

- Paraben-free

- L-Arginine free

- Petro-chemical free

- Hypoallergenic

- Non-staining (seriously, this stuff doesn't stain and dries up with no spots!)

- "Formulated to last longer than most Hollywood marriages" (It says that on the bottle, and it's true!)

- pH balanced

- Latex, rubber, and plastic friendly

- Glycerine-free


I am definitely glad I found this lubricant. At first I was worried I would hate it, but after getting used to it it has become my right hand girl! This sits in the drawer at my bedside, ready to go whenever I am. It's been three weeks and the bottle is only 1/4 empty. It really does go a long way and last a long time. Even if you're not used to non-flavored/non-scented lubricants, I recommend giving this a try. It feels so natural (when you use the right amount) and I can't get enough!
Follow-up commentary
I still like this product. It works very well and stands up to the name of Sliquid! I like to use it for just about all of my sexual lubrication needs. Wonderful for vaginal and anal sex, so it's perfect all the way around!
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