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Put the "O" in H2O!

This lube goes far and beyond for being water-based. It provides a vegan and toy-safe choice without losing the properties of what a lube should provide. It's great on my sensitive and picky skin. Though it may need re-application, it mixes with the body's natural lubricants perfectly. Sliquid did a great job and is giving water a better name as a lubricant!
Vegan, toy safe, pro-sensitive skin
May need reapplication
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I bought this lube to go with my silicone toys since they love water-based lubricants and hate all the other kinds (silicone, oil, hybrids, etc.). I needed something natural, without glycerin, and paraben free! After all, the lady parts are both sensitive and important! I think this product is great for everyone all around. I have very sensitive skin and it works perfectly for me and I'd say it is better than I expected it to be, for something that is mostly water -- the queen of stealing moisture from the skin.
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The feeling is how you'd expect, it's smooth without being oily (because it contains no oils). It doesn't just pour out of the bottle, which means it's fairly thick and you have to squeeze the bottle, though it's easy to pour once it's coming out of the bottle. It stays in place fairly well and moves kind of slowly. Once rubbed into the skin, it starts to react with the air, and the water quickly penetrates the skin leaving no greasy or sticky feel.
    • Smooth
    • Thick

Taste / Aroma

Sliquid H2O is a clear thick (almost gel-like) liquid. This is the first time I could say I have tasted something that was completely tasteless. On several (different) occasions I tasted it and it was completely unflavored. Almost like thick completely tasteless water. So if someone were to get some in the mouth it wouldn't be very noticeable at all, it sticks to the mouth for a moment (if a large amount is taken in) but can easily be washed away if you drink some water or wait it out.

Is it edible? Good question. The ingredient list doesn't spell out anything too toxic. Citric Acid is in a number of fruits (oranges, lemons, apples, etc) & veggies (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce) and it's also used in a number of candies (sour ones usually), drinks, gum, etc. It's one of the best natural preservatives out there. Potassium Sorbate is a very widely used preservative also and has the toxicity equal to table salt. Guar Conditioners (also known as guar gum, completely derived from the Guar plant) is used in many foods and used to thicken things like toothpaste and hair conditioners (a good moisturizer too!).

So yes, I would say this product is edible and I have yet to have a problem with it while testing to see whether it really had much of a taste or not. Kinda makes me wish it came in flavors.
    • No smell
    • No taste


I used this product with my Mustang (+condom) for around 30 minutes and didn't have to reapply, but if I wanted to, I could since I could tell the lube was worn away and absorbed into the skin with all the friction, yet it stayed on my clitoris almost the entire process and through me rubbing it. So if I needed it for skin to skin friction, it would be fairly good for that.

When I used the lube with just the Mustang and no condom, it didn't last half as long, but I did not need to reapply it. I feel like my own natural lubrication helps make this lube last a lot longer and the condom also helps.

When I had to go wash my hands to get the lube off it was easy. No residue or anything. I actually didn't even have to use soap if I didn't want.

I like the product because it's body safe ingredients, and the fact that it's water based and toy safe. I can use it without having to worry about UTIs or harming my silicone toys. I have no complaints about it except for the fact that it may need reapplication, but it's a water-based product and that's very much expected.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural


The lube comes in a small bottle with a nice, simple blue label on it. The packaging isn't very discreet alone, but if it's hidden among lotions, body sprays, and other personal care products, it can easily blend in and no one would question it.

The ingredients listed on the bottle and the ones listed on the Eden Fantasys website are a bit different.

Edenfantasy says the product contains: Purified H2O, sorbitol, cellulose, polyquart 007*
*polyquart 007 should be Polyquat 007

While the bottle itself (and the website) says it contains: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

I found this quite important since Sliquid promises (also on the bottle):
"Our products are always FREE of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, propylene glycol, sorbitol, & sulphates...100% Vegan Friendly"

I did not know about sorbitol being harmful, but the packaging and Eden Fantasys conflict heavily with each other and I'm wondering why no one has fixed this or noticed it.

Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol, which the body metabolizes slowly, which most likely decreases penetration into the skin. But it also can cause some gastrointestinal tract issues and that makes it not too appealing. Polyquat 007 is a paraben which goes against what this product stands for, making the list even MORE wrong.

Now for the ingredients in the actual product:

Purified Water: This speaks for itself
Plant Cellulose: A plant sugar used as a thickening agent in the place of glycerin.
Guar Conditioners: A secondary thickening agent that doubles as a conditioner.
Potassium Sorbate: A preservative.
Citric Acid: Another preservative.

The product may be slightly acidic, but since it doesn't stay on the surface of the skin long, it shouldn't affect the natural pH of the body.

I'd say it's also pretty travel-friendly if put in a plastic bag for double protection in case the cap does open, but it's over the 2oz limit for flying.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense

Personal comments

I say this is a great product for toys and the fact that it's more natural than many other lubes out there. It's great for my sensitive skin and I have had no problems with it. The ingredient list doesn't contain any terrible ones that cannot be pronounced. It may not have the longevity of an oil or silicone lube, but it certainly does what it does well for a water-based lube. I'd warn that anyone seeking to use this for anal or hardcore intercourse, might want to go towards an oil or silicone lube because reapplication is expected for this product, if making enough body-made lubricants is tough. Oil and silicone lubes are not great for condoms, though.
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