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I'm quite smitten. Sliquid is my new lube brand of intrigue, and H20 has inspired me to try out the entire line of all natural, people-friendly lubes. Unlike so many intimate lubricants available, H20 is glycerin and paraben free, fragrance and flavor free, sugar and all its man-made derivatives free, and contains only 4 ingredients. It mimics my own natural sex juice which is exactly what a lubricant should do. Sliquid is super, super sexy.
All natural, won't interfere with balance of vagina, mimics natural lubrication
Does require reapplication
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Sliquid, you're sexy!

Finally, I find a lubricant I can feel good about using. As someone prone to yeast infections and concerned about maintaining the delicate balance of flora inside her flowerpot, I've been searching for a natural, glycerin-free, paraben free, anything that rhymes with 'sucrose'-free, fake-sugar free, fragrance free, waterbased lubricant to slide into my bedroom. And here I've found it!

Sliquid H20 is 100% vegan friendly, so vegans, your search is over!

This lube is water based and water soluble, hypoallergenic and non-staining, latex, rubber and plastic friendly and flavor free. It is made to emulate your own natural lubrication, which it does quite well.
Since your own natural lube is pretty thin, this may not be the best lubricant to use specifically for anal. You'll want a thicker, more gel-like lube for back there if you don't want to reapply or encounter those 'Yowza!' moments.

According to the label on the recyclable bottle, H20 is 'Created by sensitive women, for sensible women,' which explains the logo with the female sign incorporated into a flower.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The texture is the best part of this lube. It pours out like ones own juices would when dripping from excited nether regions. It is thick enough that it doesn't quite 'pour' or 'drip' until a little time and gravity are added to the mix. It feels silky and smooth and just a tad sticky. The slight stickiness is due to the plant cellulose, I suspect. I liken it to the natural stickiness of aloe fresh from the plant.

When vigorously rubbed (such as would happen during hand jobs or intercourse), the lube momentarily turns frothy white, but calms to clear the instant rubbing stops. I didn't notice the froth effect during regular use, though when I took photos, it came to my attention. It's really doesn't hurt the lube's score in my book, anyhow.

A touch of spit is a pretty good friend when this lube is in use, which again is something I don't mind and in fact am accustomed to. It has become a sexy part of play with my partner. A bit of saliva dripping from the tongue to the cock to slick it all up and re-activate the lube is just another hot move to add into your session. I honestly have yet to meet a lube that didn't need reapplication, however, and I didn't find this to need it more often than others. It performed quite well.

Here is a demonstration of the lube just poured, applied to the skin, rubbed in vigorously, and allowed to sit momentarily.

Time and gravity have set in for a moment here, allowing the lube to begin to 'run.'

'I'm all frothed up.' As I said, this was only noticed when used on my hand and never during use. Don't let it turn you off!

An instant after I stopped rubbing. Honestly I had to be quick with my camera to catch the white before it disappeared. Two seconds later and it was all but completely gone.

Ah, absorbency! Now my skin feels lovely.
    • Natural-feeling
    • Slick
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

This does have a barely detectable scent of bubble bath. (?) I have no idea what ingredient could have possibly contributed to that scent. Oddly enough, it tastes a bit like bubble bath too. No, I can't remember way back when I was a kid and most likely at some point or another did actually taste the stuff, but it tastes 'like bubble bath smells.' You know what I mean. The taste isn't really that pleasant but it's so subtle it's hardly worth mentioning.
    • Almost no taste
    • Very light pleasant smell


The best part about this lube, other than its natural ingredients, is that it doesn't burn or anything of the sort when applied, like some lubes. Contrariwise, it feels like I've just 'squirted' or something... I become instantly so much 'wetter' but the wetness appears to be my own. It is that good at mimicking natural lubrication. I definitely dig that.

Since it's waterbased, there's no need for cleanup. It won't leave any stickiness or residue, just happy skin. When left to its own to dry, within five minutes your skin is soft to the touch, as if just moisturized by an all-natural body cream.

While it doesn't last as long as a few lubes, the fact is that without harmful ingredients, it's not going to last any longer. And its longevity proved to fair well enough for me.

That this is completely hypoallergenic is also really awesome. It's so people-friendly!

To note, however, the product profile lists this as containing Purified water, sorbitol, cellulose and polyquart 007, but I have no idea where they got that information from.

The package lists ingredients as purified water, plant cellulose from cotton, cyamopsis (guar conditioners), potassium sorbate and citric acid. The citric acid is a preservative, if I'm correct, and the conditioners are likely the culprit of this love potion's skin softening effect.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural


The perfect little 4.2 oz, 125 ml bottle I purchased is marvelous. The push-button cap holds the lube at bay until you need its powers of seduction, at which point a one-handed motion dispenses as much as you need with ease. A slight squeeze and/or a slight inversion of the bottle and you're ready to go. The cap doesn't allow for leaks, nor does it collect gunk or goo, which is definitely a plus.

It's so easy to dispense! One flick of the finger and you're off.

One drawback is the metallic safety seal which is nearly impossible to break with simply a finger or teeth, which is most likely all you'll have handy in the heat of the moment. Break it before your first play session and you'll leave that awkwardness in the trash.

The label is pretty, artistically done, and discreet enough that no one will notice it even if it sits on your shelf. The dainty size and the leakless bottle render Sliquid H20 pleasantly travel-friendly.

The bottle is also recyclable if your city accepts '1' category plastics.

    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Recyclable

Personal comments

I'm pretty happy to finally have an all natural lube that won't mess with my vagina's own balance and cause me health problems. The sheer small number of ingredients in this lube were a lure for me. So many lubes throw in all forms of sugar, or oils, which provide a breeding ground for bacteria in the environment of your dark, damp netherregions. Many lubes contain ingredients one would find in over-processed food, and chemicals whose names include numbers, which I could never pronounce. Why place funky chemicals in your treasure box? Funky chemicals are known for wreaking havoc. I prefer to play on the safe side. My flowerpot is just too precious to me!
Follow-up commentary
This is still one of my favorite bedside staples for vaginal sex. We use it every time we're going there and need a little extra juice. I've had no leakage problems, and it is lasting quite a long while. I will definitely re-buy when the time comes.
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