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3 Scary (Deadly) Trends in our Youth
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They do what?! And put it where?! The youth of today are very creative, but sometimes the desire to get the quickest buzz or latest gadget can turn deadly. Here are some of the dangerous trends occurring in younger people.

  2. Tampon Suppository & Alcohol Enemas

No, you didn't read that incorrectly. A tampon where the sun doesn't shine, or an enema of alcohol. This isn't a game where the loser puts a feminine product up their rectum. No, these kids are volunteering to put them there. And they're not ordinary, plain tampons. Oh no, they're treated.

They're soaked in alcohol.

But they have options. If they don't feel like using a tampon, they can have an alcohol enema. You might have seen a recent situation where a fraternity was giving out alcohol enemas. This is not an isolated incident. It's happening, and it kills.

A quick bit of biology. The normal way alcohol should be consumed should be: mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestines, blood stream and liver. The majority of absorption (and the feelings of fuzziness you get) happens in the small intestine. However, having food in your stomach and going through that path is the natural way of things. Your body is able to process the alcohol in this way.

Now comes the idea of backwards (literally) alcohol entry. It bypasses the normal way of things and alcohol gets directly absorbed through the wall of the large intestine. And it goes straight to your head, liver, and organs. There is no safeguard here. The body can't vomit to get rid of the alcohol, because the source is where it shouldn't be. The user has single-handedly destroyed all their natural survival mechanisms. They get drunk quicker. And they'll die quicker.

The kicker is that many doctors are not familiar with this insanity. And how could anyone be mad with them? How should a doctor immediately know, "They're getting drunk from their rectum!" Those few minutes of confusion can be the difference between life and death.

  3. Drunkorexia

Teens and young adults take their appearance seriously. They want to look their best but they also want to drink. Because alcohol can certainly pack on calories, these kids have decided to remedy this in their own way. And no, they don't decide to drink less or choose wine over a margarita.

They simply choose to forgo eating.

"Drunkorexics" will limit their intake as much as they can. Some will not eat the entire day leading up to their partying night. Most drunkorexics are women (but men have done this too). Having no food in your stomach before drinking can be disastrous. Food helps keep the alcohol in the stomach longer and can keep the alcohol from hitting you as fast and hard. That, and ingesting just alcohol can do irreversible damage to your digestive system and cause stomach ulcers, among other things. It's very caustic, and food works as a good buffer. Also, drunkorexics are more likely to get sick after drinking and suffer from malnutrition.

Sometimes getting sick is done intentionally. Then the person is considered "drunk-bulimic." They want the best of both worlds at a deadly price.

  What can we do?

Awareness is the first step to moving forward and solving problems. Knowing that this is going on and acknowledging it can open dialogue and discussion. More than anything, education is key. Perhaps explaining incorrect alcohol consumption should be included in health classes. Or maybe as a society we need to place less pressure on getting the latest gadget and adhering to the newest fad.

Another method could be removing the stigma placed on both sex and alcohol consumption. Removing the "forbidden fruit" syndrome on alcohol will lessen the glory of alcohol to teens and young adults. Showing correct alcohol consumption and being open about its place in culture can curtail more...drastic drinking methods.

Maybe it's not the best solution, but it's a start, right?


Contributor: orangechick16

This is horribly sad. I do agree with the idea of "removing the forbidden fruit." Being told not to do something makes it that much more attractive, especially to young people trying to defy their authorities. Education is a much more practical approach to dealing with things. This was a very insightful article. Thanks for posting.

Contributor: VanillaFreeSex

other than the use of a tampon for it, the -as i call it- "ass alcohol" is nothing new. very quick way to get alcohol poisoning. the not eating is also cuz you can get drunker faster with an empty stomach, alot of drug and alcohol users suffer from malnutrition because they do this, and also forget to eat.

Contributor: SneakersAndPearls

Wow. Just wow. I've never heard of a lot of these. Just so very disturbing.

Contributor: geekkink

An Alcohol Enema will kill you, damn near instantly. You by pass the bodies ability to process the poison by for going the liver. Sorry I hate to tell you this but none of these things actually happen. This is an other example of sensationalism becoming news.

Contributor: Mwar

Anyone is free to research if they think something is off. I don't want to spread false information, However, there is more than one incident for the existence (and practice) of alcohol enemas.

They have a bit of history. The first major reference is in 2006 in a Jackass movie, but there was a man named Michael Warner that is believed to have died from a sherry enema with a BAC of .47. In 2008, the enemas are briefly mentioned in an episode of Doctors Also, more affordable boxed wine and beer are the preferred alcohols for enemas (as opposed to vodka for tampons).

Yes, there's the big story regarding the Tennessee fraternity, but, as shown, it is not the only reference.

Contributor: geekkink

Remember the recent, say about six years ago, about Rainbow Parties, because someone wrote a book about a supposed sex act, she completely made up. People read it and decided this was a thing that actually happens, got a big story on Oprah, and other places. Until someone finally decided to talk to the author who said they made it up. Teenagers lie, if you interview them about things say like sex.. Rumors about the girl who has nice things they don't spread, and they become stories about, "you know she has sex with men to get that stuff." When confronted with an interviewer suddenly these rumors become facts. However yes Micheal Werner was killed by an alcohol enema. I jumped a bit on that one, your article blatantly explained how dangerous that was. AS for Drunkarexia, yeah that happens sadly. Which is kinda stupid because most alcohol is quite fattening. Specifically if you mix it, which many young people do. Not mean drink it strait up.

Contributor: geekkink

Also not trying to make an argument, more a discussion.

Contributor: Mwar

It's cool! I want people to tell me if something isn't quite right or should be stated a bit better. It's science and how we learn! So don't worry! I just didn't throw in some of my preliminary research because then the article would be HUGE!


Contributor: marigolds6

Prostitots are nothing new. Over a decade ago when I worked the night shift at a downtown fast food restaurant in a college town, I had heard a rumor that a 14 year old had been arrested for prostitution at one of the nearby bars. I wrote it off as a rumor, until one night after closing at 3 am, I encountered a drunken high schooler wandering the downtown. I knew who she was, and knew she was 14. When I did not know but soon found out was that she was getting into bars by giving blowjobs to the doormen. Once in the bars, she was picking up male patrons and arranging sexual encounters with them at a nearby apartment (after they bought her drinks).
She had no shoes on. I later found out her parents had been locking up her shoes at night to try to make it easier for them to catch her sneaking out. More disturbingly, I found out later that she really was recruiting friends.
The only bright side is that her recruitment failed as others who worked downtown kept track of her and intervened. Unfortunately, last I knew she had gone from alcohol to drugs and worked at a nearby massage parlor that fronted prostitution.

And this was over 10 years ago.



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