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How To Guide: Pleasing Cam Girls (And Not Just With Money)

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Every time I'm on cam, there are people who make me want to tear my hair out. There are also people who I would so love to high-five, as well. Want to have your cam girl love you? Here is a list of what to do, and, of course, what not to do!

  What Not To Do...

1. When you're chatting in a room, be polite. If you're being disrespectful to the performer, or to the viewers, you're going to be kicked out fast.

2. Don't be rude to, or about, the girl. If you don't like her, or if you think that she isn't pretty, then just get out of there. There's no sense in ruffling feathers; you'll be banned within seconds anyway, so just leave while you're still considered a neutral guy.

3. WHEN GIRLS SEE MESSAGES IN ALL CAPS, THEY ROLL THEIR EYES. Can you imagine if I wrote every sentence in full caps? I know that when people do this, they really want the attention of the girl who's performing, however it just comes off as annoying and childish.

4. I can't emphasize this one enough, but don't call us “bb”, “babe”, or “baby”. Seriously. Some girls might let “hunny” fly, but most of us won't. Girls will often tell you what to call them, so be respectful; if I tell you to call me Sixx, call me Sixx.

5. Don't send messages in languages that we don't understand unless you plan on providing a translation. If you're going to go through the trouble of providing a translation, just type it in English and skip a step. If a girl doesn't speak the language that you speak in, she'll block you for being annoying.

6. Another that I can't emphasize enough is this: Don't be demanding unless you plan on tipping. If you clearly don't have tokens, then don't demand things. Better yet, don't demand and then say, “if you do it, I'll get tokens for you.” No. Pay first, and then you get your request. The majority of us are quite intelligent, so that won't work anyway.
7. If you ask that we do something and we say no, don't turn around and ask, "why not?” Do you really think that asking why not will suddenly invalidate our reasons for not wanting to do whatever your request was? If we don't want to do it, we're not going to do it. So, when we say no, drop it.

8. Don't be that guy who sends continuous messages, and don't be relentless about it if a girl doesn't respond. If she doesn't respond, the chances are that her messages are rather busy and you got missed, or that she just didn't feel like responding. Honestly, if she doesn't feel like responding, you've probably creeped her out. Or, maybe, you've gotten on her nerves.

9. If you tip, tip what you think the request is worth. If you tip a few measly tokens and then expect me to do a full cam show for you... well, you've lost your mind.

10. Your dick isn't the fix for every damn problem or illness that we may have. I can let it slide when I'm doing a full cam show and guys are messaging about their dicks being hard, wanting to pound me, and so on. However, if I am simply talking to everyone and you're incessantly trying to talk about your dick, I'm going to block you. Seriously.

And finally...

11. Don't advertise yourself. We are performers, and camming is our job. When you come into our rooms and advertise that your dick is out on cam; saying that people should come and see it, and asking me to come into to your room, the answer is no. There will also be a swift hit from the ban hammer when you do this. First off, if I am performing, I do not have the time to watch you wank off. Secondly, watching a guy jack it is not that interesting, anyway. Thirdly, that's just RUDE! You're going to come into my room to advertise yours?! I don't think so! Be respectful! If you want a girl to watch your cam, or get her to do a private show with you. You could also private message her and ask if she's interested, but don't expect a lot of girls to say yes unless you plan on tipping them for watching you.

  ...And Here's What You Should Do!

WWhen I am on cam, I love it when people talk to me. The majority of cam girls love it, too! If you don't talk to us, we're sitting there on cam, waiting for the goal to be reached. We can't just sit there talking to ourselves, so please, chat with us! Ask us valid questions, but [italics|always] read the bio before you ask. Chances are, if your question involves the basics, like “how old are you,” “where are you from,” and “what is your cup size,” the answers are already provided in the bio. Ask unique questions; ask about our day, and we'll talk about it. If there's anything that drives us crazy, it is when we spend hours writing and coding our bio's for you guys and then you don't bother reading it. We end up being asked the same questions over and over again. So, when you get into a room, what's the first thing to do? Read her bio!

This next point is pretty self-evident: send her tips. Girls establish relationships with people who become their top tippers, as well as people who send her regular tips. If you were to send a girl one small tip once a week, she would establish a relationship with you. When it becomes clear that you are a regular, she'll be that much happier to perform for you. She will also be more likely to communicate with you, and maybe she'll even give you discounts, as well as the occasional freebie (if she's in a giving mood). The best example I can give of this comes from a recent experience. I have one guy who is a regular; he tips me when I'm online, and talks to me all the time. At one point, he wanted pictures, so I gave him the price. He doubled the price when he paid me, so I gave him extra content. As a tipper, when you establish a regular rhythm with a girl, you make it into her buyer's circle. People who spend money all the time will pretty much always get a discount on things, especially when they're buying in bulk.

The third essential point varies by the person. A lot of girls have a Twitter account, or maybe even a blog, so if the girl you're interested in has one, follow her! She made these accounts for a reason! By following her on these accounts, not only can you contact and communicate with her, but she will probably be updating when she's online. She'll be posting about when her next show is, and you'll get info that you can talk to her about by reading her Twitter or blog. Some girls, like me, also put up contests and games. My Twitter, for instance, is relatively new. Because of this, I've made a Twitter goal; when I hit 250 followers, I'll be putting out a password for a free cam show. By doing this, my Twitter followers are rewarded and thanked for following me, and for helping to propel me forward. Cam girls often use their Twitter or blogs to thank their supporters, as well as to reward them.



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