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How to court a poly person

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Pursuing a poly person is different from pursuing a single monogamous individual. There are more people involved than just the two of you that are going to impact whether you are successful or not. Here are some pointers about how to approach things.


Contributor: Neotigress

Doesn't there need to be work in society in general on what Poly actually means? (I think a lot of people have the wrong impression that Poly = swinging or "playing the field".

Contributor: Airen Wolf

What great advice! Personally, the way Geekkink describes you I would LOVE to meet you most of all simply because he has such an amazing way of shining when he talks about you. Hell, it comes through in print I can't imagine how much more intense it would be there in person!
Honestly, though you are right. The quickest way to get kicked to the curb in our triad is to ignore these two amazing men I am with...or ignore me. I bite...

Contributor: Absinthe

I agree with Neo. I am not poly, but I am someone who is very open minded and I'm not easily bothered by anything deviating from the "norm" Alas, I also very much despise huge ignorance of terminology, especially in the sex/love department. And communication is key, right?
polyamorous - multiple loves in latin. Loves, relationships, not fuck buddies or random hookups. Neither of which are bad, but just not poly.
It's hard to understand anything, without knowing about it.
I just want to add that I highly commend poly relationships. I can hardly manage to keep one relationship, forget about 2 or 3.

Contributor: geekkink

Honestly it doesn't come out much in person Airen, I have PTSD it's very easy to type my feelings because writing them out sounds right, it's how I honestly feel, as far as in person goes it's basically a whole lotta derp.

Contributor: edeneve

interesting article and comments. I'm a little more educated.



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