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My Transformation Into A Super Soaker

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EdenFantasys has done many things for all of us. Most of us can agree that Eden has improved our sexual well being. This is my story!

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Contributor: LadyDarknezz

I really LOVED this article! You are definitely one of the most inspirational reviewers I've encountered on the site! If the community wasn't so wonderful and friendly, then I probably never would have gotten the chance to speak with you. You are such a wonderful person and an awesome writer! I'm extremely happy that Edenfantasys helped you gain your first amazing g-spot orgasm! It is definitely what I am hoping will happen very soon! I want to become a super-soaker, too!

Contributor: LostinLife

This was an awesome article thanks so much I to am from the buckeye state small world

Contributor: L&P3040

Great article. I've been trying to get my wife to squirt but no luck so far.

Contributor: PeaceToTheMiddleEast

Glad you figured out you can squirt and no you are no freak. I have only done it once long time ago and I don't even know what brought it on. I have to do some exploring of my own. I think squirting is so hot.

Contributor: Beck

Thank you for reading my article!

Contributor: tlemons

Great article! I too am a squirter and it freaked me out when I did it the first time. And for the longest time I was afraid of my now husband experiencing this until I found his stash of porn which almost all had women squirting in it. And of course the first one I saw was labeled "squirting vaginas". That was when I finally let him experience it, he was blown away and I was one happy satisfied girl.

Contributor: *Camoprincess*

Oh Beck I loved this article I have been a squirter/gusher from the word go I always thought I was peeing on myself when I first started squirting. Like you, I smelled it an my juices had a sweet smell to it so I knew it wasn't urine. I always feel embarrassed when I am with a new partner and I get that urge to just relax and let it all flow out. Normally we discuss sex before hand and when it is brought up that I am a squirter/gusher they are even more turned on!!



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