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Is your Christmas gift Inappropriate?

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Why are sex toys viewed as taboo? Why would it be embarrassing to unwrap a sex toy in front of the family? After all gifts should be something that is useful. What could be more useful than a gift that is good for your health, gives you contentment, and faithfulness to oneself?

  Contentment: Learn To Love Thyself

Ladies already have difficulties when it comes to orgasms. However, learning to love thyself through masturbation can help with this. By masturbating you learn what your body likes, what makes you feel comfortable, and you learn to be comfortable with yourself. All these will help you feel better around others. Your partner’s pleasure equals your pleasure, which equals better quality sex.

Partners with female partners should never feel that a sex toy is replacing them. Your partner masturbating with their fingers or a sex toy is one in the same. A sex toy just helps the process along! Remember what I said above. Your partner’s sexual pleasure equals your sexual pleasure which will amount to better quality sex. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

Men face difficulties such as premature ejaculation, but what does masturbation have to do with that? Well, as Ask Men quoted..."Masturbation is the best practice for sex!!"

Masturbating and teaching your body techniques such as the start and stop method can help improve your issues with premature ejaculation. By working on starting and stopping you are working on you pelvic muscles. Learning to control these muscles helps improve your chances of overcoming premature ejaculation. Overcoming or at least improving this issue will result in contentment during sexual encounters with partners.

  Faithfulness: Relaying on the number one reliable person...yourself!

Masturbation is a way for you to connect with yourself. Only you know exactly what your body is feeling at the moment. By masturbating you are figuring out what you like and repeating that process to enjoy multiple orgasms. This is relaying on the person you can always relay on...thyself! How is a partner going to know what you like if you don't even know what you like? Exploring yourself will help you achieve better orgasms. As long as you open up and share with your partner your needs...your sex life will improve!

  Appropriateness: So, do you dare gift a sex toy?

Masturbation is viewed as taboo in this culture, but why? All the benefits I have listed above should be enough incentive for everyone to encourage masturbation. What better way to encourage than gifting a sex toy? What will you be stuffing stockings with this year?


Very Interesting!


lol i got my sister a toy and she loved it


I have some people that I would gladly gift a toy to, and they would (and in cases HAVE) given me toys.

I wish the taboo for men using toys didn't exist. If it wasn't so "shameful" for most men to use a fleshlight or a stroker, we would have significantly lower unwanted pregnancies.

Just my thought.



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