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No Ruts Allowed: Tried and True Tips for Unlilting Passion

David Wise,
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Has your sex life succumbed to the dreaded 3-letter word: Rut? Here are some tips to help keep your relationship in a permanent honeymoon phase!

  Sneak a Feel

It drove my boyfriend crazy, but he loved it when I would sit really close to him at our favorite restaurant and slip my hand onto his crotch, rubbing it until he got hard.

One time at a concert I was gazing at this adorable nearby couple all night. I was shocked when eventually I noticed the guy very suavely slipping his hand up the girl’s skirt, keeping it there for a few minutes while they continued swaying to the music. When he finally freed his hand he took his fingers to his lips and looked deeply into her eyes as he sucked them dry. Talk about hot! Take it from them, they were in love and weren’t afraid to show it in a risky, yet harmless way.

If you are out in public, take advantage of any moment where you can fondle, grope or passionately kiss where nobody will notice or mind.

If you’re a chick, try not wearing underwear sometimes and then place your partner’s hand up your skirt/down your pants. There’s something so thrilling about feeling bare skin when you expected to feel fabric.

  Don't be Afraid of Quickies

Some people think a succession of quickies is a sign of dying passion or romance. Not true! If you have a non-stop busy life or a particularly stressful day, don’t let that be a reason not to have sex. Quickie sex is a great, fast paced way to release tension and help you stay bonded to your partner. If you are the type to wait around until the weekend to have a drawn-out session with foreplay and the whole shebang, you are missing out on all the smaller encounters you could be having everyday!

On the nights my boyfriend claims he is very tired I almost always take advantage of the moments he is in the bathroom brushing his teeth before bed. I get undressed, hop on the bed, and bend over on all fours waiting for him. When he enters the bedroom he almost always immediately drops his pants. He says seeing me like that is very carnal and his body forgets it’s tired for long enough to have a great quickie.

  Have Sneaky Public Sex

Find an empty alleyway, a bathroom stall in a restaurant or even fast food dump, behind the bushes in a park, a handjob under a table, a handjob, blowjob, or full on sex in the car, etc. There are many fun and interesting ways to have sex without ever being noticed - that is, unless you like the thrill of being seen, then you can choose more populated places or try it during the daytime (just be cautious about kids because their parents might freak and cause a scene). Public sex can be a great way to feel young and daring again, and it definitely adds sparks up the wazoo to your over-all sex life.

The point is, have fun showing your partner you still want them. Do fun and easy things everyday to drive each other wild before you even hop into the sack at night. It will add a fun dynamic and help bring back the fire you are missing.

Editor's Note: Please be aware that there are local laws pertaining to sex and nudity in public places, and doubly so anywhere a child may see. This could lead to "Endangering the Welfare of a Minor" charges. We at SexIs do not condone breaking the law outside of civil disobedience.


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