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Sex While Fat: How I Learned to Accept my Body and You Can Too

kullermietze, 2011
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Being a fat chick can mean having a hard time feeling sexy and confident in the bedroom at times, or all the time, for some. Instead of trying to hide from your weight in hopes your man will ignore the elephant in the room (pun intended) here’s how I learned to get over my body issues and you can too.



I'm fat, and as much as it may make some laugh, when I'm naked with a woman in my room I strut around like a peacock on PCP. Seriously, she's already in my bed, she already knew I was fat (It's not like my clothes have top secret fat stealthing properties) and she is still laying there looking at me waiting... What's the point of being self conscious when the hard part (getting a woman into my bed) is already done? Once we're to that point I just have to do my thing and hope it works ha ha!

Good article!


This article is great it really helped a friend of mine out thank you


Super awesome, I too have recently accepted the fact that fat is what I am, not who.



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