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Body Image Revenge

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For years I was surrounded with voices that made me feel like my body was ugly and unlovable. The best revenge was when I stopped listening.


Great article. Luv it


Thanks for the article. Good info!!


What a powerful article! I loved it. It had me feeling a little broken hearted, a little touched, a little proud and a lot hopeful! Very well done, getting your story across. I love to see other people who've overcome that spot where you feel you are not worth anything more than what others think and you aren't good enough. I've been there too. Way, way there. Yuck, it was so awful. I disliked myself so much and started relying on others' to determine how I felt about myself from day to day! Gosh I cringe thinking of how miserable that was, but happy to be free from it! Your article is so fabulous. I shared it with my FB friends because it's *that* great. I think this is one article that will put inspiration, hope and much more into other people. It really stands out from other articles. I read them all the time that talk about being mistreated and I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it was, but nothing has striked me (and touched my heart) like yours. This has me looking forward to many more articles from you.


Great article hun



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