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Old-Fashioned Dating Etiquette for Modern Times
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Some say that chivalry is dead, but perhaps its rules have just evolved so that we can use them easily in today's world. Old-fashion dating etiquette can still hold up in modern times, even though our lifestyles and culture have changed.



I love your article so much, some old fashioned is good. Thank you


Just Voted for you in the contest so best of luck!
@irina09: I love your articles, but how come you are not in the polls?


I don't know, well hopefully I will next time.
Thanks Ladybug23 for reading this article (Wasn't I right?) and I hope you voted for it like I asked.
Have a nice day


@ladybug23 and @irina09 - You have to email me ( with your article titles if you want to be entered in the writing contest. Thanks!



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