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The Birds and the Bees: Why the Sex Talk Isn't Always Necessary
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There is always a lot of pressure on parents to have "the talk" with their children, but it might not be as big of a deal as you've been told.


Contributor: Dixiemomma

agreed i never had the sex talk with my folks either and i feel better off for it, they are very old fashioned and prudish and i would have ended up frustrated and confused. i had urges that would now be labeled as BDSM even back in my early teens so any talks from them would probably have ended badly, we still dont discuss sex in any way even now that i'm in my 30's. I'm open with my child tho and if she came to me asking questions i feel that i would be prepared to help guide her without prejudice, but not everyone has that.

Contributor: Sangsara

My dad told me told me that a condom was " for a man to put over his penis when he made loved to a woman to prevent pregnancy " I was 5 years old and had just found one while snooping through his drawers. After that I found everything out on my own. When I lost my virginity at 14 my mom picked me up to go to the dentist and took one look at me and declared " OMG did you make love last night?" as she put it- cause it was written all over my sheepish smile. Other than the condoms that she then gave me for every valentines day and the guy she questioned me about sex wasn't something we talked about. But I haven't shut up about it everywhere I've gone since that day when I was 5. Kids have a way of finding things out on their own. I eouldn'y have had it any other way.

Contributor: SneakersAndPearls

The sex ed program at our school was crap, my parents put parental blocks on the computers making it impossible to look anything up, and the closest thing to "the talk" my parents had with me was my mom laughing about her friend that worried she could get pregnant from oral sex. I wish my parents had been more open and educated about such things. As it is, my husband is actually the one that taught me about sex. That's kind of sad.



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