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Are Depression and Bipolar Disorder Ruining your Sex Life?

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Depression and Bipolar disorder are not the same, but both can do serious damage to your love life. As a sufferer from depression, I intend to help explain the differences between these two common disorders, explain what they are and how they work, how they can be messing up your bedroom routine, and how to get back on top.

  Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a different cup of tea entirely. People suffering from this disorder can be on top of the world one moment, and contemplating suicide the next. There are manic and depressive states that the sufferer swings back and forth between. Symptoms of the mania state (the happy side of bipolar) that can disrupt sexual relations include:

- a short temper
- fidgeting, or inability to relax
- unstoppable thoughts that jump quickly from one thing to the next
- a more active sex drive

Symptoms of the depressive state (the sad side of bipolar) that can disrupt sexual relations include:

- anxiety
- fatigue and weakness
- uncontrollable crying
- indecisiveness
(Symptoms list found at WebMD)

People who are in relationships with sufferers have to brace themselves for unexpected change. Imagine a partner who can’t get enough of you but has a short temper, then a couple days later hate themselves, cry constantly, and want nothing to do with you sexually. It’s easy to see how poor communication coupled with this disorder can cause serious strain on any relationship.

The bad news doesn't stop there. People are just as uneducated about bipolar as they are about depression. They say things like “It’s all in your head, you control it” or “Everybody has a bad day now and then” or my favorite “Your life is so perfect, what could you have to be upset over?" Like with depression, bipolar sufferers have no control over their mood swings and often feel like they are trapped on a roller coaster, unable to get off or take a break or ever be themselves again. They have to take drugs and attend psychotherapy. The “talk” therapy is important for allowing the sufferer to discuss their feelings and thoughts and how it affects their lives. Living with bipolar disorder is hard, and finding the loving and supportive partner to help you through it can be tough. Intimacy is still an important part of our lives and everyone deserves someone to love. Nobody should be discriminated against or have their feelings belittled by others who don’t understand their perspective.

  Getting on Top

Depression and Bipolar Disorder are both serious mental conditions that require more attention. People are letting these mental conditions ruin their intimate lives and tear apart their relationships instead of seeking professional help or simply telling their loved one how they feel so they can tackle the problem together. If you or someone you know has thoughts of death or suicide, contact a health care professional, loved one, friend, or call 911 immediately.

Luckily there are medicines, therapy, and social circles to give support to sufferers and help them get back on top of things. Medicine can help manage symptoms until underlying issues are resolved and “talk” therapy with a professional or confidant can improve your overall sense of worth and well being. Remember, your partner is a person too who has needs and desires. Lovemaking is a great way to bond and release a natural cocktail of mood boosting hormones. If you fear you have one of these disorders, see your doctor right away and don’t be afraid to let the world know how it affects you. Education is the only way to stop discrimination.


Contributor: JADE76

I have bi polar with depression and until I found the rite medication to work my sex life could have been better, I had tried prob every medication to treat bi polar disorder until I started taking lamictal bi polar medicine, I have been on that for ten years now and I would tell anybody trying to find the rite medicine for bi polar disorder to try it and my sex life is better than ever

Contributor: Love Bites

I feel both of those, so maybe I have both. It's hard to deal with, it can be very lonely. I feel bad for my partner because I tend to be as described in the paragraph under the bi-polar symptoms.. All over the place, constantly changing and shifting emotions. It's insane.



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