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My Journey to Submissive Bliss
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This is my journey in submission and finding who I really am. Self-discovery can be a long, hard road with many bumps along the way. How do you tell your partner that you desire more in your relationship? Is it hopeless if you are married vanilla?


Contributor: Hummingbird

Your story really hit home more than you can ever know. I'm tired of being the aggressive one but how can I help him see that? Pray that one day he will make the first move, I've asked many times but I think he doesn't realize how serious I am even tonight before I read this I reminded him once again. I need more, I want more! Thank you for your words of encouragement.

Contributor: Pandora-master

Hello Hummingbird, hubby here. What surprised me most about the BDSM world is the almost staggering amount of diversity in which it can be practiced. I had always associated BDSM with the more hardcore scenes that we are all familiar with. I had thought that it was just too hardcore for my taste. However, as I continued to research the lifestyle, I found something that really caught my interest. Specifically, I discovered rope bondage. I found that the skill and artistry involved appealed to me greatly. More than that, practicing rope bondage with someone you love and that REALLY enjoys being bound intensified my enjoyment as well. My suggestion would be to begin to introduce him slowly to as many aspects of the lifestyle as you can and as gently as you can. Odds are, your bound (no pun intended) to find something he enjoys. In fact, it may just open the flood gates of new experimentation. I hope this helps.

Contributor: Sarah Tucker

very well composed and quite honest. it shed some light on my own life thanks so much.



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