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Dealing With My Kink
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How does a person figure out that they like sex differently from what is thought of as "typical"? The stories are as unique as the people who enjoy BDSM. Each person takes their own path. Some paths are scarred with abuse. Surviving an abusive relationship leaves many wounds. All too often, it affects many areas of life for years to come. One area that was difficult for me after leaving my ex, was intimacy. For me, it has taken years to accept my own kink; to let go and let myself enjoy it.


Great Article, You are not alone in your thoughts.


Excellent article!


Gosh I look up to you hun so much thank you for sharing you life in the great articles you write


What a wonderful article. You truly are an awesome person, and I'm so glad to have gotten to get to know you a bit since you took me on as a student at Eden. It takes serious guts and an impressive degree of thoughtfulness to share such intimate aspects of your life. As someone who occasionally struggles with my own kink, and had to learn to understand my own sexuality and how to approach it with a clear head, it's very encouraging to read articles like yours, and realize that I'm not alone. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing. I respect the guts it took you to post this


Great article!


Thank you so much for sharing!!


this is great!


Wow! Beautiful and powerful story. It looks like God really put you with the right man, one who loves you and is patient.




Wonderful article, you are a brave chick for coming to terms with your past like that. Great read, very inspiring stuff



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