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The Juvenile Long-Haulers: What Young Love Can Be.

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To many, college is a time of exploration- but how do you fit that into a long-term, completely monogamous relationship? People tend to assume that "young love" is frivolous, romantic fun, but can't it be real? Let this introductory story warm your heart and remind you of the love that you feel for your honey.


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Contributor: chicagobearsfan

My boyfriend and I are also in college and know we'll end up married. Neither of our parents believe it will last, and have told us as much without even asking what we think about it. I know how you feel, and good for you for not letting it get to your head.

Contributor: kkizzee05

Myself and my boyfriend are basically in the same boat. We are nineteen, in college, and with parents/family who try to say we are too young. I was starting to believe them once, but I have found that I want to be with him and only him. There may be other fish in the sea, but I don't want that. We have grown up together and have been dating for over two years. We have yet to live together on our own, but we are also sharing a dorm building right now so we end up spending tremendous amounts of time in each other's rooms. Loving him has had its rough parts, but I have never felt anything remotely close to what we share with anyone. I have had serious relationships and I have to admit that he was not my first sexual encounter so it is not the "first time is special" thing either. I do love him and I know that he loves me, and that is enough for the both of us, even if our families do not think so because we are young.



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