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Devil's Advocate: Whose “Sex Positive” Is It, Anyway?

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Joanna Cake  

Hey Roland! My favourite Ginga!!!

So agree with you on all of this, people are entitled to voice their opinions without being jumped on for the vocabulary used or the sentiment expressed. Sure, you can have an adult, educated discussion putting across the countering viewpoint but to try to shut someone down just because the words or the feeling is deemed 'offensive' by one or two more vocal contributors does not contribute to free speech, which should be a fundamental right.

I love what Sinclair said and, as a fellow Brit, I agree that life should be about tolerance, not forcing people to toe any set lines. Just because I don't like something doesn't mean that someone else who does should be prevented from (or verbally derided for) doing so.

And this applies to sexual practices just as much as anything else. I have to admit I had not heard the term sex positive before but, recently, upon watching the Torture Garden dvd, I was exposed to behaviours which didn't appeal to me. It made me stop short and think about my attitude. I observed some of the activities through my half-closed fingers but the obvious enjoyment of the participants made me realise that, just because it didn't do it for me, that didn't mean that it wasn't a valid sexual act.

So long as all those taking part are doing so voluntarily and with enjoyment, who am I to specify which acts are acceptable and which are not.

As to men talking about their views on rape, abortion, menstrual sex, etc, etc, these are their opinions and, as such, they should be heard. It may well be that, in return, they hear stories from a female perspective that might change their minds about some of their long-held beliefs. However, jumping up and down, reading the Riot Act is unlikely to do more than entrench them in those thoughts and close their minds to any alternative possibilities.

In our current obsession with being politically correct, I am learning that I hate labels. They tend to polarise people into camps and make them unwilling to see anything beyond the enforcement of their own right to wear that tag.

PS, I am positive for red hair, uncircumcised penises (penes?) and body hair


Yeah! What he said!

(It's Sunday. I'm working. And still fat from Thanksgiving. Sorry I couldn't bring my A-game, but felt compelled to comment just the same. Welcome to the family, Roland. Great piece.)


I'm VERY LATE to this discussion, but Joanna is SO RIGHT. "Agreeing with me only" is not the definition of sex-positive, and I'm sick to death of everyone being SO TOUCHY. OPINIONS are just that, and I'm rather tired of being attacked every time I express one. I am for SEX, and everyone having a good and healthy sex life. THAT'S sex-positive.
BTW, I gingers.


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