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Isolation: It Comes With the Territory

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Imagine you’re just meeting someone new. It could be in person at a party, someone you bump into while going about your daily business, on a first date, or it could be on an online dating or social networking site.

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Contributor: jaynhunnyg

That is very true but you could tell people you are a columnist or alot of major magazines and talk about a lot of differant things in your line of work and just say it is about health. Not sure if it will quench there thirst but maybe it is worth a try.

Contributor: thatonegirl

Sex should not be a bad word. The reason people feel like outcasts for enjoying something that is so natural. It is a part of life and with out it there would be no life. We should not be something we scream about at the top of your lungs and shove in peoples faces. This does not mean that we should not be able to discuss it. I feel its healthy to be able to discuss it with other people and not be looked down on by other people Or to feel cast aside for with it.

Contributor: T&A1987

Do or did you use a pseudonym? Also, did this ever cause a problem with your family? Hope you don't mind the questions, it's just that the difficulties resulting from success in the sex blogging/media industry (hope that's the correct/acceptable term) seems quite interesting.