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Eco-Sexuality: Greening Your Sex Life

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Contributor: EliS

Is coconut oil safe with condoms? I was also kind of surprised that you didn't mention the importance of not having kids in helping the environment. (Or in the very least having a sustainable amount of kids. Meaning only enough to replace you and your partner.) Almost every environmental problem is also an over population problem.

Contributor: LicentiouslyYours

I do believe that coconut oil, which is not a petroleum based product, is safe with condoms. My understanding of the conflict of condoms and oils or Vasoline are that they are both from the same source: petroleum, and can essentially dissolve each other.

Contributor: Tinamarie Bernard

I agree with Laurel. Coconut oil is safe because it's not petroleum based. Also, it's a natural anti-bacterial, and doesn't irritate the skin like other common ingredients in OTC lubricants can do. There are a lot of dodgy compounds in most of them (Propylene glycols, etc.), and women can find themselves in a cycle of vaginal dryness and irritation that is made worse by using them!
If you haven't used it before, it looks like white soap. Hardly any smell or taste, just a smooth consistency. I haven't yet experimented on using it to make fancy erotic oils, but that's on my agenda.

Also - I did include that information about kids in the original submitted article, but alas, information about the impact of population growth (as well as the natural extension of being an eco-conscious parent) was edited out. You are absolutely right! One of the key aspects of being eco-sexual is being uber-conscious of your reproduction, health and otherwise.

To the best of my knowledge, and to add nuance to this discussion, it must be noted that even though Americans have fewer children, on average, than many other countries, we consume FAR MORE. So, the number of children we have does matter, but it also is an issue about consumerism. Add to the growing desire for other parts of the world to emulate the American Lifestyle, and you see how this spells disaster very quickly.

Eco-sexy parenting is a great topic, and I'd love to write/read more on it.
After all, nothing screams "I had sex!" like a pregnant woman's belly.

Contributor: stefanieiris

Thanks to Tinamarie for this terrific article! I'm the author of the book, and just wanted to chime in to say that the title is ever-so-slightly off in this post: it's actually *Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable* (Ten Speed Press/Crown Publishing, 2010). You can find it on my site [], in bookstores, or on Amazon: [].

Regarding condoms, make sure that that the condom you use is compatible with the lube you choose! Not all condoms and condom brands are equal. I prefer vegan, natural latex condoms from Sir Richards because they donate one condom to a developing country for every condom purchased.

Check them out: []

Contributor: DreamWolf

It doesn't hurt to go along with Mama Nature...

Contributor: Chefbriapink

go green!

Contributor: mrssnyder




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