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The Green Project: Sustainable Aphrodisiacs

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Eating and sex go hand in hand. In fact, people have been using edibles to get in the mood for centuries. (Hey, all kidding aside, Cupid ain’t stupid!) If you want to feel sexy AND smart this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy make green choices when it comes to aphrodisiacs—so you can feel the earth move, and tread lightly on the planet at the same time.

  Common Qualities?

There is no one thing that makes all of these “love bites” sustainable. Some can be grown or harvested locally, without fertilizer or pesticide, using responsible water management techniques, or without killing off other species. Others are actively good for the planet, and though it may sound counterintuitive, eating them insures their continued existence by creating demand in for them in the market. Some are organic, and some defy the possibility of organic labeling. Some have aphrodisiacal powers supported by science, while others are backed only by superstition. The only things these eco-friendly aphrodisiacs have in common is their ability to tantalize your palate, and hopefully your partner. And what could be better than making the planet greener with every orgasm?








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Green Aphrodisiacs [12] Apr.09, 2011

Sexis asks: How do our sex lives—and the industries that support them—affect the earth? Starting with the basics, we present an open-ended dialogue on how our sexual choices impact our relationship with the planet and its ever-dwindling resources.

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