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  • #ExpressLove - Ecosex: Healthiest Habit(tat) and Highest Expression of Love

    What does Ecosex have to do with sexual health and expressing love?

  • Fenugreek Spices Love Life Along with Curries

    Common Asian herb boosts male libido, according to new scientific research.

  • Gink Manifesto: Green Inclined, No Kids

    There’s a persistent conviction in our culture that if your biosuit includes a uterus, you should use it. Procreate or be somehow less womanly, less human, and more selfish, hedonistic or conflicted than your mothering counterparts. It’s a message that resonates pervasively, and sometimes pits parents against the childless.

  • Environmental Group Sells Porn to Help Save Nature

    Being green can be more fun than most people think.

  • Eco-Sexuality: Greening Your Sex Life

  • The Green Project: Sustainable Aphrodisiacs

    Eating and sex go hand in hand. In fact, people have been using edibles to get in the mood for centuries. (Hey, all kidding aside, Cupid ain’t stupid!) If you want to feel sexy AND smart this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy make green choices when it comes to aphrodisiacs—so you can feel the earth move, and tread lightly on the planet at the same time.

  • The Green Project: Herbs for Sex

    Long before the days of Viagra, vibrators, and streaming porn videos, we humans pursued new and better ways to heighten our sexual pleasure through every imaginable means. From dildos made of animal hides to dildos shaped like animals—no stone, nut or rock was left unturned by our fore-mothers and –fathers.

  • From Birth Control to Earth Control?

    What effects do our different methods of birth control have on the environment?

  • How Green Is My Sex Life?

    Being a green sex toy & accessory consumer is a lot more than just buying a natural-looking packaged product or choosing a toy based on the material; it's about knowing what tradeoffs you are willing to make for the best possible products.

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