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Thanksgiving Aphrodisiacs

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I am a foodie, a self-declared lover of languid meals cooked with intention and loads of flavor. An intuitive eater, I have for the most part chosen real, sometimes raw, mostly colorful cuisine, a testament to my European upbringing and preference for Mediterranean delicacies regardless of food fashion.


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Contributor: Mrs. Lynda

Boy do I have a recipe for you!
Has so many of the aphrodisiacs listed above. 80)

Mrs. Lynda's Family Traditional Cranberry Salad
make day before - also freezes very well w/o whipped cream
(per bag-feeds 2-4)
1 bg cranberries washed (pick out white and old (look raisin/pruned) ones)
4-6 small organic red apples (take out seeds and core-4 apples if you use sugar -6 apples no sugar)
1-2 cups pecans (taste preference)
1 cup non-processed sugar (if you use 4 apples)
1 c marshmallows
1 sm real whipped cream + 2 Tbls vanillas + 1/4 c real unprocessed sugar (whip together) or Reddi Whip

(I have a 1930's "food processor/grinder" so no clue modern food processors)
If you have a Kitchen Aide meat attachment - med course attachment - chili meat)
In a large bowel
Process - cranberries (size of small confetti)
2 apples
2 apples
fold-not stir-together (add sugar slowly while folding)
cover and put in fridge - next morning fold again put back in fridge
right before meal, fold again while adding marshmallows (I don't like marshmallows so I leave them out-too sweet MHO)
top salad with whipped cream
Serve with Large serving spoon
Yummy! Bon Appetite!

Contributor: Sera26

fun post!

Contributor: Steve Bigg
Steve Bigg  



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