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Sex Hair: Letting Go of a Lifelong Obsession

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When a story starts with "we were drinking Jim Beam out of beach buckets," and ends with "so I had to cut all my hair off," it should really be a lot crazier than this one. Nonetheless, that story is at the root of a 20 year obsession with my hair, its length and the weird sexual psychology that can go with our coifs.



I'm in my twenties but I've always preferred my hair shorter just out of sheer laziness. I hate taking care of the long hair I have currently. But- it makes me feel sexier, so I deal with it. I'm sure I will get over it eventually.


You are so right. Why are men so obsessed with long hair: My wife looks reat with her short curly hair. It shows off her neck and chest (cleavage!!) so much better because the view isn't clouded by all that hair.


I call it "julia roberts syndrome" when a womans whole identity is wrapped up in her hair. when the actress finally shed her famous coif she lost her rep- briefly- and then it was understood that she had talent- not just a great head of hair
side note: i was the opposite of liz/ i permed it, straightened it, bleached it , died it every color imaginable and then finally realized it looks best if i just leave it. but my step-mom (a hair dresser/salon owner) asks if she can chop of 6 inches of my 2 feet of hair and i cringe so i get it.



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