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Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: Things I Do Instead of Feeling

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Living in nyc made my brain declare a violent mutiny on my person, and the drinking binges I went on to numb the emotional onslaught i was trying to avoid made my liver rather perturbed with me. To this day I look back on the year I spent in Brooklyn and think "why the hell did I think THAT was a good idea?" and "I really miss the banana french toast from Bliss" just remember, you need to get the hell outa dodge and clear your head every now and again, avoidance only gets so far, but definitely love her back, and love till it hurts, 'cause in the end love is all there is.


This is a gorgeous piece of writing.
I'm a huge fan now. Winking
(Off to try to find you on twitter but follow me @marymac so I can follow you back. Not at all stalking, just following.)


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