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The Politics of Sex Positivity

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The Republican Party recently hit the headlines when they introduced a “purity test” for members — defining the issues (from abortion to gun control) that all Republicans must toe the party line on.

It got me wondering if the sex positive community could benefit from a similar manifesto — although would we ever agree what it should be?



I don't usually consider the topic of abortion as being under the umbrella of the "sex positive" discussion, except in the case of shaming people who have abortions because they had a sexual encounter. So, I wouldn't consider your friend Catherine's position of abortion when evaluating whether I thought she had sex-positive views.


I agree with Kris on that. Her stance on abortion doesn't have anything to do with her sex attitude. That is a moral/ethical topic. Assuming sex positive means whatever someone does in the bedroom that turns them on is "okay" with me (aside from really hurting people who aren't willing to be hurt!). I have similar views as your friend Catherine.


Hi guys - I'm the author of this article. Thanks so much for your opion. I find it interesting because there are many people I've spoken to who think that pro-life is intrinsically sex-negative, while I think it's more of a feminist issue than a sexual one. I personally support a woman's right to choose - but did see Catherine's point when she explained it to me.

What about other controversial issues - like same sex marriage? My feeling is that if you're not tolerant of gays, lesbians and bisexuals you would have trouble justifying calling yourself sex positive, but the issue of same sex marriage (which, again, I support) is more a civil rights one than a sexual one. Who you have sex with doesn't necessarily indicate who you intend to have a committed, life-long, legally-recognized relationship with.


So your friend Catherine can have an accident and get pregnant and feel ok with the decision to have the child because she was in a stable, mongamous relationship with the intent to marry but a teenage girl who forgot to take her pill or the condom broke shouldn't get an abortion because it's murder, even though she may not have a chance in hell of giving the kid a decent life? How does she reconcile the two?


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