Sex & Society » Sex positivity, Sexuality: "The Wisdom of the Womb, Part Three: Do Men Have Wombs too?"

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The Wisdom of the Womb, Part Three: Do Men Have Wombs too?

The Wisdom of the Womb, Part Three: Do Men Have Wombs too?
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People who are born biologically male may not have wombs in the medical sense of the word, but do they have wombs in any other sense? Most of us think the word “womb” applies only to that aspect of anatomy in which a baby grows, but some envision womb as a gender-neutral energetic reality.



How does one differentiate between sacral chakra and the proposed womb chakra?


Interviews with Veronica Monet

  • Veronica Monet was a high-end escort who catered to married men for nearly 15 years. Now she teaches couples to create compassion, connection and a revitalized sex life through specific communication techniques. How did her work as an escort prepare her for her current role as a Couples Consultant?

    There is nothing predictable about Veronica Monet's life. Born to conservative parents and homeschooled, she went on to graduate college with honors and then pursue a seven-year corporate career. Addictions to alcohol and cocaine led to therapy and her eventual sobriety which framed her subsequent life choices in a spiritual context. Amazingly, this change in direction included a new career in the sex industry much to the dismay of everyone around her including her family and closest friends. During her 14 years as a high-end escort and courtesan, Veronica Monet was married to the love of her life and when she wasn't traveling with wealthy businessmen and staying in expensive hotels, she was home with her husband and step-children living a quiet and relatively normal suburban life. Today, Monet, divorced and still in a loving and romantic relationship with her ex-husband, works with other couples sharing the communication and sexual techniques which have helped her to sustain a meaningful connection with the same man for nearly three decades. Veronica's work with couples includes role-playing conflict resolution and activating the heart connection which naturally rebirths relationships and revives romance. How has the industry changed since Veronica began her career? Is this a career path that she would recommend to women today? What important lessons has Veronica learned along the way? Please join us in welcoming Veronica Monet to the Community Interview!

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