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Does No Really Have To Mean No?

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Do you feel positive emotions when you hear the word “No?” If kink is your preference, you may have eroticized this word but taken out of the context of role-play, the word probably still causes you to wince. “No” signals that you may not get something you want and that is rarely cause for celebration.


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Contributor: oldhippy

Interesting thoughts and ideas. Ideas that I hadn't considered at all, so thank you.

Contributor: missmicha

I've been down the road of "open relationships" and quite honestly, they suck. Big time. However, other people might enjoy that trip. What about mis-matched libidos? How can a couple work creatively around that without automatically fucking other people and causing hurt to the one that doesn't have as strong a sex drive?

Contributor: input

i'd draw the line at coercion. it needs to be honestly mutual to work.



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