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Being Large and in Charge!

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This article is for all the "big girls." Whether you're shy and withdrawn or really loud and proud of who you are, I think all girls should see themselves as beautiful. It took me a very long time to like myself, but I did learn that self-confidence can grow overnight!


Great article, I used to be self conscious about my size too. I was afraid to let guys look at me and thought that they would think I was disgusting. But my first boyfriend that I had gave me so much confidence. I've kept that confidence and realized that my current boyfriend loves me the way I am and doesn't care about me being a bigger girl.


Loved the article, great job!


loving it!!


Great article! Congratulations on finding your happy spot


I love your article. I am a big girl. I am still trying to find my beauty. My husband says I am beautiful all the time, but I still have a hard time believing it. I recently cut 13 inches off my hair to donate it, and it's extremely short. I feel less feminine with my short hair


Love this!


Good for you, Brandi2009. I'm still working on having confidence, even after 15 years of marriage to an adoring husband.



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