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Daddy Issues: What Do You Do When Daddy Leaves You?

Lola Nielsen
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I know plenty of people that have had issues with their father growing up. And, when they grew up to be an adult, a lot of their issues-including their love life were said to be the result of having an absent father. While I do believe a "dead beat" parent can certainly have an effect on your psyche, I do not believe that you cannot shape yourself to be a better you from it.

  Absent Fathers In Connection With Your Romantic Relationships

We all know that there have been many reports, studies, articles, and interviews on the affects that absentee fathers have on their children s overall growth and development. However, I am going to address this on a more personal basis/observation. Overall, young adults with absentee fathers usually exhibit these characteristics/traits:

-Increase in violence
-Lack of self esteem
-Sex at early ages because of lack of self esteem
-Feeling unwanted and unloved and searches for a father figure within their romantic relationships
-Becoming involved with abusive partners
-Lack of committed relationships
-Early pregnancy
-Coming on to someone unusually strong; desperation
-Child will be more dependent on others
-Lack of self-control
-Fall victim to peer pressure
-Less sociable
-More likely to be a victim of sexual abuse, as abusers can pinpoint vulnerability in these young adults
-Lack of education which ultimately leads to poverty

Do you get the point now? The list goes on and on. My father was an absentee father. And at first I played the victim, and therefore exhibited a lot of these characteristics. But when I stopped feeling sorry for myself and lived- I mean truly, truly lived, everything else fell into place, including my relationship. I am now happily devoted to my girlfriend of 4 years, and at 19 years of age, that isn't too shabby, huh?



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