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Feeling Beautiful After Hate

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Have you ever had something happen to make you feel lesser? Many things can lead to this: rape, an abusive relationship, or even just a friend who likes to put you down. Feeling beautiful after that can be a long hard road; it was for me.


Thank you for writing this article. I swear I read this and started to cry; it's like I read my own words. I've been raped, mistreated and abandoned by my friends due to my poor health, so my self-esteem has pretty much gone to Hell. I try my best to put on my little facade to show my family that I am okay with everything, when deep down I feel broken and alone. When I tried to become confident and get my life together after my terrible break-up from my first love, I wound up developing a rare pancreas disease that is incurable. It has ruined my life.

I'm glad you actually got yourself a boyfriend that loves you. I am not too hopeful about any romance in my future; I hardly ever get to go outside because of my unpredictable condition. I'm sorry for my random gloominess, it's just that this article actually got past my happy and false-confident facade.



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