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It's Getting Harder to Tell the Girls from the Women...

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The shorts are getting shorter, the tops getting lower. Boobs and butts are rounder and bigger. Heels and mascara and lip gloss abound. Nope, not talking about your girlfriend's girlfriend. I'm talking about the pre-teen next door!


Contributor: Oreo the sexy cookie

I completely agree. One of my cousins is 13 and she wears some really skimpy things that even I wouldnt wear in public (and I LOVE wearing bellyshirts so that is saying something). When I was 13 I wore cargo pants and couldnt care less about makeup. The only time I ever put on makeup before I turned 15 was when my friends talked me into letting them give me a makeover or when I wanted to draw crazy things on my face with lipstick and eyeliner. Even now at 18 I only wear makeup on special occasions or when I randomly have the itch to be creative. Pop culture is starting to teach girls that they dont look good without makeup or fancy clothes on and that is dangerous. Both for their self esteem and for their safety. Girls who are told they dont look good without props often end up with severe depression and eating disorders. Society and media need to take responsibility and start telling everyone that they are beautiful just the way they are.

Contributor: XxFallenAngelxX

I totally agree.

Contributor: AwesomeAmanda

Definitely agree!!

Contributor: Chefbriapink

Thank you! I am 18 and I agree!

Contributor: K101

Let me just say: huge kudos to you! You covered exactly my own thoughts! Not only would my own parents not have agreed with that kind of clothing at that age, I WOULDN'T HAVE EVER wanted to put my own body on display as... meat? I really hate that women of all age feel that they have to reveal it all for attention or for any kind of respect, when in reality, it only brings the wrong attention and no respect. And don't even get me started on all those "women's" magazines. What part of any of them are for women? The part that tells you how to keep your man from cheating by circling your tongue three times over his scrotum? Yea, that's women's entertainment! If those mags were truly for us, we'd be reading about kittens and this. This stuff right here! What you just said. THAT is what women's interests are, this and many others of course. But you'll never see an article stating the provocative dressing of girls as negative as you did in your article, not in any magazine like Cosmo or 17 because they really only promote women as sex objects, and if I'm reading on how I should keep my man at home, that's the least thing I'll find interesting or entertaining. It's downright depressing and so fake.

Your article here on the other hand -- raw. Real. I love it! It said so much that I feel as well. I just hate that so many girls won't see it this way. They'll only see what the media or magazines are telling them -- that they will benefit from putting themself up as sex objects. That they should not be modest at all. And that's got their best interest at heart? No because listening to that advice (to dress so revealling and all) will only lead girls to a whole world of hurt. I used to think that the only good thing about me, the only thing that would make people like me or treat me nicely was to be sort of sluttish, to be honest. Of course that did not work out for me because I couldn't ever actually be that type of person because inside, I've always held such intense feelings against that type of thing. So for so long, as a younger girl, I felt like I had to pretend to be way more comfortable with things than I ever was. Thankfully, I didn't fall into it to the point of dressing totally provocatively and being too hurt.

Until we put down the magazines like Cosmo, stop reading into what the "media" says is beauty, we will continue to have girls who feel the need to do themselves this way. I personally wouldn't mind doing away with all that crap -- seventeen, cosmo, the whole shenanigan.

I am so glad my parents raised me to have self respect. It doesn't mean I didn't ever go through hardships and despise myself/body, but I have self respect that cannot be torn away.

When you mentioned how her dad said he didn't understand why the EU men were staring... WTF? That blew my mind! My dad would NEVER mention how men may stare at my body, and he'd have never approved of me being so near-nude anyway. In fact, if he had ever seen men stare at me the way the men in your article do your cousin, I believe the starers would have gotten themsselves a little bit humiliated. Lol. My dad has a way with looks. He wouldn't take nicely to anybody staring sexually at me, but also wouldn't have approved of such a wardrobe.

What I think we need to be sharing with these girls, is not the cute little sex stories you see in those magazines, but the real, the scary, the true stories. Rape. I can go on and on about that one, unfortunately I know it all too well. Not saying rape has anything to do with the way you dress -- not a bit! I have the opposite feelings on that one, but we need to be letting these girls know what to watch out for, not teaching them how to get dick. Rape, STD's, being left high and dry after sex. Those are real. Too real for some people, and yet you never see them being widely talked about. Because society (mostly) glamourizes sex and showing your body to such an extent that we're almost led to believe only good can come of it!

Well, love love love your article! Sorry for the lengthyness here. I tend to get fired up.

Contributor: LoooveMonkey

I totally agree with you. I wouldn't want to teach kids to feel like their bodies were disgusting things to be covered up, but a little modesty goes a long way for kids and adults alike. There's a time and a place. D:



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