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Shhh... I've Got My Period!
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Menstruation: it’s natural so why do we find it taboo?


Contributor: Silverdrop

My bf knows my cycle better than I do. I can't imagine attempting to hide it from him. What, am I supposed to empty the bathroom trash several times a day and make excuses for why I'm not sleeping naked? And what if he initiates sex? Is he not supposed to notice there's a tampon or pad there?

When it comes to period sex, I prefer to just avoid getting the vaginal area involved, but it's mostly to avoid having to deal with stains on towels or sheets.

Contributor: K101

What a great article. It saddened me to read you felt dirty, but it's true that so many do. I remember some of my female friends at that age also saying they felt so horrified and ashamed in their own household. Luckily for me, I have a mom who when arriving home from the grocery store, sat her box of newly bought tampax on the table and not a damn person had the nerve to say "what are those doing on the table, you freak!" LOL. I remember at a very young age her explaining things to my twin sis and I, and I see how blessed we were now. I didn't have to fear or feel badly when mine arrived. And about hiding it from a boyfriend/partner?! WHAT THE BOOZE?! lol. My lovie and I recently had a mini discussion on this. He asked me something like "is it weird that this period talk does not affect me, but more likely interests me to hear how it works for you?" LOL. I said "no! Dear God, I'm so glad!" I'd always seen men/boys (except my dad, which now that I think of it, was probably a good example too) flip and go mad when the word tampon was brought up! My feelings are this, and this is what I said to my partner when he asked me that question the other day: "If you can't handle hearing about what comes out of it, you ain't got no right to stick your *** in it!" LOL. Seriously though, like I told him, it's time to grow up and realize that cooters bleed! It is not the end of the world. Accept it, learn about your female bodied partner's body and be a man. Lol.

I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't comfy discussing mine with my partner. We've been together 6 years and I've had some extreme suffering due to my curse, and he's been alongside me the whole way. (Endometriosis). I mean, of course I agree with you on not parading it. But I agree it's time to stop hiding and being terrified of a period (for men and boys mostly) and time to stop shaming women for it! No more "eW!" My partner isn't particularly comfortable when a strange female like a friend of mine just randomly says "I'm on my period and these clots are comin' out." And that happens a lot, and I totally understand him walking slowly away on that on! Lol. I personally am not comfy just regularly discussing my period like that in front of some other male besides him, so I do feel like there's a good middle grounds. Nobody should freak out, and especially if you have sex with one. However, we shouldn't ever have to feel down or guilty or dirty.

Enough ranting. Sorry. Lol. Your great article brought out some fire in me. I love that you chose to discuss this. Very well done.

Contributor: Kiyo

So, if I AM actually ashamed of having boobs and large hips, does that mean I can be ashamed of my period, too? Because all three of those apply...



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