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Splash! It's Not Pee! (Or Why Squirting Is Vastly Different From Urinating)
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Many people believe that the stuff that comes out when a woman "squirts" is urine, but most women who have experienced it will tell you otherwise, myself included. I took it upon myself to bust the myth, so without further ado, I present to you, my lovely reader, the difference between squirting and urinating, and how to tell which you're doing.


Contributor: Hummingbird

Great article! "What the Hell?" was my first reaction too just a couple weeks ago when it first happened to me. Up until that time I thought it was a myth. Yes my bladder was completely emptied before playtime so I know definitely I had squirted and not pee'd.

There was not odor and there was no stain but when it happened as surprised and shocked as I was my orgasm was too intense to even care about it. Didn't think of the scientific taste test though, squirting is much different than peeing and I don't think there's any sort of PC muscles training you can do to stop it and I'm glad of it. Thank you again!

Contributor: Chastity Darling

This article brought back my first squirting experience. I, too, was mortified thinking I had wet myself. It wasn't until a few years later that I was able to squirt again and discovered what it was. Thank you for this awesome article!

Contributor: Jenny Swallows

My first time left a big wet spot - which I immediately blamed on my boyfriend, in the hope (forlorn, as it turned out) that he'd not seen what just happened. I also did the sniff test, so I knew it wasn't pee... but apart from that, I didn't have a clue what had happened.

Contributor: Soulsekrou


Contributor: gwenevieve

I just squirted for my first time the other day and let me tell you, it DEFINITELY wasn't pee! Good article, thanks for clearing things up for those who still don't believe ;P

Contributor: Nullipara

Brilliant article.

Perfectly described the female ejaculation perfectly. "WHAT THE HELL?" and taste tests included.

Contributor: edeneve

thanks for sharing your experience.

Contributor: LilyPoole

I was about 13 when I had my first experience. Now I'm 20 and I do it on camera for a living and sometimes I still get the "what the hell?" feeling when it happens.

Contributor: Bunny183

bless you



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