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The weighing game
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Struggling with body issues is no laughing matter and can be a serious problem for many, but I may be able to help someone with overcoming the obstacle that is weight in the bedroom.

  Positive energy

Since I have already said to compliment yourself everyday, that is just the first step. When you are having a bad day, do your make up and hair and take pictures for no reason. I used to do this many times a month and it helped me tons. If you are brave enough, do it without make up and maybe even in a bra and panties. Some women find it hard to love their bodies especially if they have gained weight for any reason. If you have stretch marks, remember how you got them. For some it is from children, for others they are from either a weight gain or a weight loss. No matter how you got them, you earned them for whatever reason. Look at them in a positive light. See past them. If you don't like how your body looks, tell yourself you can and will change it. I know losing weight is hard, but not as hard as some may think. Doing the simplest things burn calories. Turn some music on and dance for 15 minutes everyday. You will sweat and have fun. Pole dancing is something I have recently gotten in to and it's fun, makes me feel sexy and it burns calories. No you won't be a pro right away but you can just have fun and dance and melt off some of the extras you don't love. If you stay positive about your body image, you will start feeling better about it.

  Sleeping with the enemy

Sex with weight issues is never an easy thing to do or talk about. If you have issues about how you look, my picture idea will help with that. Also if you are brave you can try to wear something sexy for your significant other. A sexy night gown will cover areas that you are not comfortable with. There are many to choose from on Eden Fantasys and they are very affordable. The packaging is always discreet and they have size charts to make sure you get the right fit for your body. Also, rather than having lights on all the way or completely off, you can use candles to give a very romantic feel to the room. Another way to add a little spice without baring everything is a blindfold for your partner. I also believe in talking to your partner about your comfort level when trying new things. If you communicate more with your partner, you will both be more happy about your sex life. Trying new things may also help with your body image issues. If you are open with your partner about your feelings, you may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

  Self reassurance

Once you have gotten to know yourself better and you start feeling comfortable with your body, start to do little things for yourself that will make you feel even better. Building your self esteem may take a little while, but in due time you will feel as beautiful as you look inside and out. Remember, you are beautiful even if you don't see it now. Some day my hope is everyone will feel as beautiful as they look.


Great article. Body issues and sex go hand in hand. If you are not comfortable in your own skin no one else can be comfortable around you either. I am glad you touched base on this.


I work out on a fitness pole too! I LOVE it! It certainly can be a little confidence booster! It is my fav workout method Actually, I've had a sort of "instructor" from one of the nice women here on EF! When I told her I'd been working out with my pole, she gave me some kick-ass routines to try, and they've been so helpful! It's been so cold lately that I've totally left my pole alone (it's upstairs in the cold room lol) but was just discussing how much I missed it tonight. What a great article.


Great article!


Thank you for your feedback. I felt really good about this article and with all the positive feedback I feel even better.


this is a great articale



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