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Beyond the Bedroom: The Submissive Lifestyle

Miss Halloway
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Many have toyed with the idea of becoming a submissive, but have put it off because the general stereotype of a submissive is taking as much pain as your master can deal. Dominant and submissive relationships can, and do, go beyond the bedroom.


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Contributor: Purple Fairy
Purple Fairy  

Hi Eden, I have connected with a Dom and we are planning on a completely D/s lifestyle. My basic nature all my life has beeen in a role as serving others which I find very fulfilling. However in all my past relationships, I have been forced to be the strong partner which I now realize was really uncomfortable. It is very exciting that I will at last be in a relationship where I can fully revel in being the submissive partner. My Dom has very exacting standards which I have never been exposed to before so I know there will be discipline involved from time to time. We have already discussed and agreed on that. Fortunately, I work a job from home so I will be able to be home when he needs something. We have discussed the advantages and realize that although he is the Dom and i am the sub, it is more about respect and have the man be in control which is extremely appealing to me. I may have questions as this is very new but I am looking forward to this new relationship where I can be the submissive woman that I have always wanted to be.



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