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Equality in Competition: Should We End “Male” and “Female” Categories in Sports?

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Last week, one female Olympic athlete outperformed the men – so perhaps it’s time to ask the ultimate sex-positive sporting question: If we seek a world in which men and women are treated equally, why do we still segregate their sporting competitions?


Contributor: BiLikesSciFi42

I'm not sure you can do away with gender in all sports. For some, like table tennis, regular tennis, or even beach volleyball maybe it makes sense. For other sports like gymnastics or swimming I'm not sure it makes sense. Gymnastics there's an obvious difference between what's required of men and women and I don't see the gender's overlapping. Part of it is with a difference in gender comes differences in muscle mass. It's black and white across the board, but there are obvious differences between female gymnasts and male gymnast's bodies. For swimmers there are differences in body type and muscle mass as well. Sure, a tiny woman beat Lochte's record -- but how many world records (if you take out gender) are held by women in swimming instead of men? My guess is very few. For that reason gender is a dividing line to compare apples-apples rather than oranges-apples.