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Fan Fiction: As Good as Porn?
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While fan fiction is widely accepted as being something that only geeks do, writing themselves into elaborate sci-fi scenarios, or something that twelve year old girls write (badly) about their favorite male characters kissing, some people would rank it above live action porn as far as masturbation material goes. Why?

  It's free!

Of course, that's a good thing because you're probably not rich. But that's also a good thing because it's pure. Fan fiction writers aren't rushing to meet a deadline, or coming up with something because they need that paycheck. They're writing because they're passionate about writing and passionate about the series and, as someone who's read plenty of published erotica and plenty of fan fiction, I can tell you that it really shows.

The fact that they're writing for themselves and not for a paycheck also leaves a lot of room for experimentation. There's fan fiction for any strange kink you can think of, with no consideration wasted on whether or not something so obscure would sell well. There's no requirements for characters to be conventionally attractive, either, or for sex to be flawless. For fiction, it can be surprisingly real.

  It's something you're actually interested in!

Have you spent years with a crush on Jessica Rabbit, or wondering what Kirk and Spock do in between missions? Maybe not, but it's more likely that you've been wondering about that than about whether or not Unnamed Busty Female #1 is going to screw the pizza delivery man. There's a fic out there for everyone, all it takes is some digging!


Contributor: hysteriaremedy

It's embarrassing to admit I read it, but I find fanfic to often be superior to porn. I've been attracted to explicit erotic fiction since I was a precocious young tween. Fiction is more immersive for me than watching something. And if you dig, there are plenty of fanfic writers out there just as good as published authors. You can have great plots with your raunchy explicit porn. Of course, there is pretty awful writing out there too, and a billion "mary sues". And some fandoms seem to attract better writers than others. One nice thing about fanfic is you can enjoy sex that isn't technically possible or like science fiction, more so than porn videos.



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