Society » Sexuality, Culture: "Positive Versus Prohibitive: Why Sex Positive Spaces are Beginning to Experience Backlash"

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Positive Versus Prohibitive: Why Sex Positive Spaces are Beginning to Experience Backlash

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The notion of "Sex Positivity" is one that we are all familiar with: it encourages an accepting, celebratory attitude toward sex and sexuality. There are times, however, when sex positive spaces can turn sour for their participants. Some feel pressured, while others feel ignored, and with these mounting concerns going largely unaddressed, there is a real need to band together, combat this "elephant in the room" and keep our spaces and ideals safe and welcoming for all.


Contributor: K101

Wow! I don't even know what to say except for this is amazing. I have had the same thoughts about some of these things & have felt some of the things you mentioned, myself! You really done a fantastic job here & put into words thoughts I've had, feelings I have felt, and even situations I've been in very wonderfully. I am speechless. You addressed something that I think more of us have felt (at least one of the things in this article) than any of us realized. I don't think this side of the topic has ever been addressed really. I'm so glad to have read this & want to say thank you millions of times for putting it in words. This needed to be put out there. So many of us have been made to feel badly in the ways you mentioned & I think a lot of us needed to hear this. Great job.

*Claps* *Claps*

Contributor: Hipposterous

Absolutely love this article. Previously identifying as a sex-positive feminist, I was concerned when I started seeing the sex-negative movement going around, because I misunderstood it. I feel that I have a better understanding of it now. Thanks for this article!

Contributor: corsetsaurus rex

Great article. I have also been concerned about the sex positive community's response to coercion and it's nice to know it's not just me being crazy.



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