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The sex talk from above?
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This is my piece of knowledge I'd like to drop on ya'll and my opinion with it.


Contributor: K101

Hmmm... You said you feel the worst way to teach a kid anything about sex is from any kind of religious stand point, but you really didn't give us your opinion on the "right" or "best" way to teach them?!

I personally grew up in a Christian home, still am Christian. My parents openly talked about sex. My mom told me exactly what it was and frequently, they both discussed safety, what's good about it, what to look out for and even more frequently, that my sisters and I were "sitting on a pot of gold." I had and have no trouble with sex. I was very educated at a young age, didn't get "held back" or grow up with fears or trauma or uneducated or any of those things, and I was brought up with Christianity. I don't know what you meant by "religion" really. In my opinion, "religion" is more cult-like, Christianity to me, is about having a relationship with God, loving people, trying to be more Godly like towards others, holding onto morals and values, listening with my heart to what God wants for me and so on. Not living by these hard rules that mean all sex and pleasure is horrible. So when you say any kind of religion is bad to bring into the mix of learning about sex, I kind of don't know what you mean. Religion as in "abstinence only!" Or religion as in ANY kind of Godliness being spoke of while discussing sex with kids? Of course I knew that being promiscious was a bad thing, but not only because God doesn't like it, but because of the reasons God doesn't like it -- heartbreak, STD's, lowering your self value and other things that come along with absolutely not having any boundaries about sex and respecting your body, but there's a fine line between not respecting & protecting yourself and being intimate with someone you love.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that I am a Christian, as many other EFer's who also love sex are and I personally have never had issues or been lead the wrong way due to being brough up in a Christian family and learning about sex straight from this Christian family. Not all "Godly folks" are strictly anti-pleasure. I don't believe sex is all for makin' babies and not about love, pleasure and bonding. I hope that's not the impression you have of Christian people.

Care to elaborate on two things?
1.You discussed what you think would be the worst way to go about teaching your kids about sex. What would your idea of the "best" way to teach a child about sex be? Any tips/poiners for parents just ready to start teaching their children about sex?

2. By "religious" what exactly do you mean? The idea that "religion" means no sex, teach kids sex is bad only, don't ever let them find out it's pleasurable OR something else?

Very interesting points here. I enjoyed this.



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