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The 25 Hallmarks of Bad Cunnilingus

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In the spirit of the ‘25 things’ meme so popular on Facebook, Lindsay offers up for you her 'Top 25 Things Not to Do When Between a Woman's Legs’, in no particular order of offense…

  The List

1. The Cow Lick. Not as in bad hair, but rather as in the bovine variety of tongue movement. The Cow Lick is noted for the flattened tongue and the overreaching area it covers. It can start as an almost-rimming and continue as far north as your navel. It tends to be repeated excessively. If you have been Cow Licked, you know it.

2. Mr. Scratchy. A five o'clock shadow is nice, but not when being raked against one's tender bits. No one (except, brief shout out to you BDSM pain sluts out there) likes clitupuncture.

3. Misguided Enthusiasm, or a little thing I like to call Lost and Refusing to Stop for Directions. Dude is going to town, like an ADD sufferer in hyperfocus—only he's not on your clit. His current target is your urethra and all you can think of is your impending UTI.

4. Tongue-Fucking. Just don't do it. If you have our pants off and you can successfully maneuver your way though Phase 1, you will be given the opportunity to fuck us for real. Really.

5. The Howard Hughes, or Unkempt, Too-Long Nails. There is only one reason for a man to have long nails and I can't say it here, but rest assured, we don't want Mr. Can't Find My Nail Clipper down there. (See number 2.)

6. Rimming without Permission. Sure, we've spread our legs for you, but this is not the Golden Corral. It is not an all-you-can-eat buffet PLUS dessert bar. Seriously. Discuss this first.

7. Kissing Us on the Mouth After, Sans Courtesy Wipe. Seen many auto-cunnilingus videos on YouPorn? Some like it, some tolerate it, and a good (from my straw poll) 80% will throw up a little in their mouth. I can't stress this enough—when in doubt, ask.

8. Lick-n-Stick. You know who you are. You are only there because AstroGlide is $13 bucks a bottle. Your saliva doesn't have the staying power. Trust me.

9. Clit Slap and Tug. (See number 6.) Some like it; some don't. But you don't want to be the guy who slaps a clit only to find a print of an acrylic stripper heel in your forehead. You have been warned.

10. Heated or Flavored Lube. Look—we're delicious as is. I liken this to fine dining and asking for catsup with your filet.

11. The Lizard Lick or Snake Tongue. You know this guy. He doesn't like it, and if you Google 'hesitation' his thumbnail will pop up. If you don't like it, don't do it. Save us, and you the visible pain of your discomfort.

12. Gum-Chewing. I don't want to be minty-fresh. If I did, I'd insert an Altoid. Or a Listerine strip.

13. Slurpy Mouth Noise. It's distracting and cuts into our fantasy that you are Brad Pitt/our best friend's husband/your roommate. Can you believe we think such things? Just kidding, as far as you know.

14. Coming Up for Air or Starting a Conversation. If you have not been specifically instructed to stop, do not. Rhythm-breaking is like being sent back to GO in Monopoly. You could have bought Park Place, but you stopped and are now headed for jail. And there’s no Get Out of Jail Free card for this one.

15. Surprises. Don't like them. You have a butt plug in your pocket? Good for you. As long as you plan on using it on yourself and not springing it on me. I am trying to have an orgasm here. Please don't ask me to multitask.

16. 2 in the Pink, 1 in the Stink. I am not completely opposed to it; I just hate the phrasing. And again, ask first.

17. Waking from a Dead Sleep to Find Your Head Between My Legs. If I met you in that aforementioned ‘drinks at a bar’ scenario, I might not remember your name, and 'hey you, stop that!' just sounds so impersonal.

18. No Play by Play. This is not ‘Muff-Day Night Fuckball’. For all of you who enjoy twittering, tweeting and who were born to be sportscasters calling the Final Four, more power to you. Me, I like my oral silent and steadfast.

19. 69. I am getting personal here. I know there are fans aplenty, but I liken it to playing offense and defense at the same time. Pick a side. Seriously, I can not focus on what you are trying to achieve when your cock is halfway down my throat.

20. Thigh Nibbling. Nothing to see here. Move along. Or up.

21. Blowing in It. What is this all about? The queef is one of the most unflattering noises that can be made in the bedroom. Why anyone would want to create a situation where that might occur is beyond me. A small aside on queef etiquette: It didn't happen, you didn't hear it, and it is to be ignored completely and totally.

22. Failure to Respond to the Shoulder Tap. I'll decode the Shoulder Tap for you: Single tap; ease up a bit. Two taps; that is not my clit you're working on. Three taps; we're done here. ‘Yer out!’

23. Biting. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

24. Failure to Pause After Orgasm. You like it when we keep blowing you after you're done? Gets a bit sensitive, n'est-ce-pas? Same here.

25. Mr. Learned All My Moves from XXX Porn. This guy separates your labia with index and middle finger, goes down like he's trying to resuscitate the pussy, then suddenly and without warning begins a series of attacks and flagellations of the clit. He is the worst of the worst and the most likely to incorporate all of the above offenses into his repertoire. Please remember, when watching porn, the stars are paid for a reason. Don’t try it at home. You could get hurt.


Having had my say, I must now confess, having tried it myself, that it's not as easy as some make it sound. Having just a couple of failed attempts under my belt, my confidence was shaken. I questioned everything – and I have a vagina. So if you're still out there fighting the good fight, bless you. I'll be content to continue to learn from a 'what not to do' perspective. With my hips on a pillow and a notepad in my hand.


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Contributor: KnK

LOL, I actually have never been opposed to tongue can be pleasant.

A lot of the other ones are agreeably ooky.

Contributor: MissJ

I am definitely not opposed to tongue fucking. Giving or recieving.

Contributor: MissJ

I am definitely not opposed to tongue fucking. Giving or recieving.

Contributor: axilmax

Remember ladies to trim (not shave, although that's nice ) yourself down under before your man eats your pussy. I don't like hair on my plate in a restaurant nor do I like hair in my mouth when eating pussy!

If you don't want to trim, please help your man and spread your labia majora for him so he can focus on eating pussy and you can focus on the pleasure of being eaten!

It's also helpful if you can uncover your beautiful pink pearl.

Guys, keep a light on and your glasses on so you stay on target.

Contributor: Red Riding Hood

It made me giggle that flavored lube seems offensive... Yet, kissing after is bad... If you won't taste it, why should he?

Contributor: pinkpottergirl

Some very true things, some not so much; depends on what you like

Contributor: Sera26

"resuscitate the pussy", lmao

Contributor: edeneve

love your article! some very funny comments. personally, I don't find all 25 no go's. it's all subjective, isn't it. and there is a huge difference between someone who knows what they're doing and someone who "thinks" they know what they're doing. the later is useless. keep writing.