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Tuesdays WIth Nina: When You Give Head, Shouldn't You Get It In Return?

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It's only fair, isn't it? You go down on your partner and then it's your turn right? Tit for tat. Quid pro quo. So what's the deal, why aren't you getting yours?


Contributor: Sally Forth

Nina Hartley, You are a goddess! I have never seen your fellatio video, and am actually someone who can get off just from the act of giving my partner head (in the right frame of mind, and with the right partner), but the advice you gave to that young man is advice that I wish everyone who has a penis that would like some oral pleasure had been given. I also think it would be useful for ladies who may or may not be entirely comfortable giving blow jobs to hear this advice being given to everyone with a penis! I realize not everyone always takes advice to heart, but if this helps even one woman to not have an awful blow job experience, you've done someone a favor... probably a bunch of people, realistically!
Thanks for being you.