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Tuesdays with Nina: Period Sex

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So, you've got your period, you want to have sex but you aren't crazy about the mess? There are options for those who don't want to give up sex for a week just because Aunt Flo's town. This week, Nina talks about ideas on how prevent the mess while enjoying sex on your period.


Contributor: Jenn (aka kissmykitty)

I am all for period sex. The exception is the second day of my period, when it's in full swing. At that point I'm so bloody and in so much pain that even taking toilet paper to the girly parts makes me cringe! But other than that, I have no problems about having sex on my period, and my husband is fine with it too. I usually hop in the shower beforehand to clean things out, and then we both wash up afterwards. A towel during sex & missionary position ensures minimal mess and easy clean-up. Smile

Contributor: PicardsLoveChild

I wouldn't recommend a diva cup for sex. I'm a passionate supporter of the Diva Cup, but would never endorse that. The Diva Cup sits down low in the vaginal canal, not up against the cervix. You wouldn't be able to have penetrative sex. The Instead cups, which are a disposable menstrual cup that sits against the cervix, are advertised for this purpose and work great that way. Personally, I prefer to put a towel on the bed and clean up afterwards.

Contributor: Sugar

Nina gives some great advice again!!
Picardslovechild is also right, the Instead Soft Cups work great for this purpose. I am a huge fan and recommend them to everyone I know. I originally used them to solve this issue myself about ten years ago and never looked back. I recommend reading up on them on their website if you are interested, they have a very detailed FAQ that includes its uses, directions and a good outline for new users and ofter samples although I recommend just going out and getting a box of them so you can practice. It sounds weird but once you learn how to use them and get comfortable with the frequency of emptying/changing (that is explained in the FAQ) them depending on your cycle, you will wonder how you ever lived without them. A good ol' towel on the bed never hurt either.

Contributor: LoooveMonkey

Thank you for this, Nina!! ^_^



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