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My Coming Out

My Coming Out
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Coming out of the figurative closet tends to be a difficult path for many people. It’s not just working up the will to tell everyone else, but admitting it to yourself.


I think you mean fiancee, missy.


NOW I DO. (shh, this was written like a month ago.)


I am extremely sympathetic, having come from precisely the same conceptional situation. All that homophobia was denial. Admitting it to myself was definitely the hardest part and now it's just like, eh, I'm pan, it's part of my identity but now that I've accepted it and that God doesn't hate me... and I'm a lot better off now that I'm okay with myself.

I'm just sorry that other people have to go through the same self-loathing, panic attacks, and stress-induced illness instilled by a conservative background clashing with self-identity. I'm glad it worked out well for you! And congratulations to you two.


Thanks so much, Noira.


Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing.


I went through a similar situation with my family but they seemed to take it alright. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for sharing!


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