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Egg masturbator Egg masturbator

Masturbator in a plastic case by TENGA

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Egg masturbator reviews

86 reviews
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86 reviews

This is an all around great toy that is used for couples as well as solo play. It is a little expensive for a disposable toy, but well worth it.

The Tenga egg delivered an awesome experience for us, I was able to get my husband to climax via hand job with this when normally a simple hand job isn't always successful. The egg delivers stimulants you can't get without it, it makes jacking off even more fun, if possible! There are so many types of Tenga eggs we can't wait to try them all!

Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed using this toy. I got it for him as a surprise. He enjoyed the nice texture inside the egg, and I enjoyed watching him having such a great, pleasurable time. The silicone material it is made of makes it very stretchy, so I could go for long, stretchy strokes, or short loose ones. You'll have fun. Just remember it is disposable!

I have used each of the Tenga Egg types, and both me and my partner enjoyed them. Although he could not feel a difference between the patterns, he said the egg itself is very enjoyable. It is kind of hard to keep a grip on the egg if your hands are covered in lube, and as you stretch the egg it becomes more clear and seems almost like you will break it. I would recommend for any couple to purchase this toy, as it is fun for both of you.

It's a bit pricy for a limited use toy, but if you have the money to burn, it is well worth the purchase and can make a great partner experience.

Buy it!! Whether for yourself or a fun little surprise for your guy if you'll be gone for a couple days. He'll love it and so will you!!

We had never owned any toys specifically for males before this one. Although it won't be our go-to for that kind of stimulation, it has convinced us to look further into men's toys.

We really enjoy the Tenga Egg. I haven't come from a handjob in many years, so using the Tenga Egg made us feel like we were teenagers again. Tenga made us re-appreciate the old-fashioned handjob!

The Egg is cute and fun, and an unexpected accessory. It does break eventually, so whether or not the price is worth it is up to the buyer. I would recommend this little guy to a friend.

With its low price of entry, ease of use and discrete design, you really can't go wrong with the Tenga Egg. It's small size, discrete packaging and the included lube makes it an attractive option for those looking for some extra relief on trip too.

This is the best hand held mastorbator that my husband has tried so far. The egg's inside design was made perfectly for maximum pleasure and the package of lube included made it really convenient. It's also great because there is no clean up needed as it will likely not last past one use.

For a first time user of any masturbation toy, the Tenga Egg was a great choice! It can be reused if you take the time and care to clean it after each use. Great toy for a great price!

While I can't speak for how it feels on a penis, I will say I absolutely adore it as a cushion for my sensitive lady parts. My girlfriend and I had been so frustrated when placing a sex toy between our bodies, because the intense pressure created by even a soft toy between our pubic bones (between a rock and a hard place, so to speak). The Tenga egg softens the blow without taking away the sensation and even adds some of its own.

I would probably try the Tenga Egg again with a different lube choice and a different texture. As my opinion stands after one use it achieve the end result, but I'm not tripping over myself to go get another.

While the Tenga Egg isn’t perfect, it’s a fairly affordable ‘gateway drug’ to the world of male masturbators. The small size and discreet packaging make this a great toy to toss into your suitcase to take with you on vacation, and the price means you won't be heartbroken if your luggage gets lost.

What came first, my dick or the egg? The answer is the egg because I didn't even get off with this thing.

I insist you try this Masturbator Egg, a product from Tenga. It has different sensations since the lube goes from warm to a tingle effect. Only thing I really dislike is the price to keep buying more. It does tend to break down after a few times but it was well worth it. Also it’s a great material since it’s made of silicone and you can slip it on other toys.

Don't let him have all the fun ladies! This toy is made for and performs great as a male masturbator but also has a naughty little secret. If you want to have a little fun on your own, flip it inside out, put it on the head of your favorite wand vibrator and enjoy! You're welcome.

This is a disappointing item that can technically be considered overpriced for what it is. It's messy, weak, and didn't feel good at all. You're better off using your hand - it will feel much better and won't cost you $10. Either that, or put in a few extra dollars and get something better. In between is never good.

Stop just jerking off! Upgrade your experience and invest in some quality time with yourself, and stop abusing that which we all hold so dear! A very realistic feel, easy cleanup, and a far better overall experience than just beating your meat, take the plunge and beat an egg instead. Grab any of a number of textures, spend 10 seconds with prep, and transform any moment into an experience to remember.

For what it is the Tenga Egg is a fantastic product, and proves that good things really do come in small packages. It's a cheap and easy way to spice up a hand-job, and with just a little care it can be used time and time again.

These are a great buy for a modest budget, and they are clean and simple. They also are great for men of all shapes and sizes. The only down side is extra lube is needed to be purchased.

Is your meat tired of the same old beat? Get a Tenga egg and discover new, interesting textures while adding a slightly more realistic feel to your experience. If you can handle the smell and don't mind the lube, these disposable toys are great for travel or just for different sensations. Go on, try one at least once.

There are some great qualities about this toy, but some qualities that get on our nerves. For starters, it's cheap, great material, and good for average users. The lube isn’t that great in our opinion, and it isn't quite large enough for some. Overall, I would suggest it for those interested. If you don't like its unrealistic look, go for something else.

Great for a lonely business trip, but not something I would keep t home for multiple uses. I am sure you can find products way better than this to keep at home

All in all, if you're looking for a quick joyride, this little egg packs a punch. Great for vacations or business trips, or really just if you are looking for a little something special at home. Great product for the price, especially if you can wash and reuse. It is definitely worth picking up all 8 textures and finding out which one is your favorite!

They’re not just for breakfast anymore! Enjoy self-pleasure anytime with Tenga Eggs. Peel the outer layer like you would a hard-boiled egg, then crack open the shell to reveal an “ona-cup.” These egg-shaped masturbation sleeves offer several unique internal textures. Get different stokes from different yolks! Wavy has horizontal ripples and Twister has vertical ones.

Tenga Eggs are a great toy for both men and women--men can use it as masturbators, and women can use it as masturbation aids. For travel or intro use to textured wand covers, this is top notch, and if you can get past the stickiness factor, you'll be thrilled. Just be warned that it may break a bit easily, even if you're gentle!

It's little, it's compact, it's not a sleeve, it's an amazing head stimulator. For the price and feeling you can't go wrong though it might take you a time or two to get down your own right technique.

If you are looking for a highly stimulating long-term toy, the Tenga isn't going to fit the bill, but if you need a great discreet travel buddy, look no further!

Wanna try something new tonight? Tired of the typical hand job? Well this is the toy for you. The Tenga egg masturbator is a great addition to any mans toy collection. Although it is a one time use kind of toy, the life span of the Tenga egg can be prolonged if it is well maintained.

The Tenga egg is primarily a male sex toy but can also be used for women with a bit of creativity. It comes in a small plastic egg with its very own packet of lube. These are fantastic for one-time uses, traveling, and roommate situations due to easy clean-ups and discreetness.

I highley suggest these even for those guys that are not fans of pocket pussy type of toys. This will change thier minds and help them take a load off.

Tenga Eggs are definitely worth a try, and after having owned one for several months now I still turn to it for a satisfying masturbation experience. The snugness of the entry hole makes it a very transman-friendly toy (indeed, it's the best that I've found so far), but it is stretchy enough to satisfy guys of any size.

Looking for something different? Looking for something easy? Looking for something that is easy to travel with? If you answered yes to any question, I know just what you should try: a Tenga Egg! (Hold on... Isn't that what car dealerships use?)

The Tenga Egg is a one-time use, disposable masturbator. I was kind of second guessing myself on buying this. I'm really glad I did though, my husband loves it and can't wait to buy the other textures.

Clicker, in particular, did not give my husband a great sensation. It still takes him as long to get off without it and the nubs just are okay. Overall it is a cool design and the material is squishy so it feels nice. But when he uses clicker no sparks were a flying.

In summary, this item is absolutely genius, and I wish I would had invented it. This type of Tenga is my favorite of all 6. I would recommend using about half the lube provided, because if you use all of it you will make a mess. Also if you want you can reuse the toy, by washing the unit inside and out, and let air dry.

Tenga Eggs are a decent product. They have their place, and are a good place to start if you're unsure about "guy toys". Or if you want to know if you'll be partial to a specific texture, but not as good as a more long-lasting toy.

It's cheap and easy to use, perfect for beginners. The sensations aren't the greatest you'll ever experience, but they're better than nothing, and given how cheap these things go for, you could certainly make worse mistakes.

Need a low cost egg for on the go? Feel like rubbing one out anytime, anyplace? Want a lunchtime quickie? How about a masturbation break when your buds are drinking their cappaccino? The Tenga egg is just the snack for you!

The Tenga Egg is a self contained masturbation kit for men. This is also an amazingly fun item for couples as well!! Let him lie back, enjoy, and you get the view while you pleasure him!! Try a vibrating egg inside and tease each other to distraction. However you choose to use this fun little toy, it will provide many hours of pleasure!!

The Tenga egg is an easy egg to beat. Watching him masturbate as I teased him with my naked body is a very effective way to drive a man crazy. It doesn't matter if you're a straight couple or a gay couple, if you're going solo or going orgy, the Tenga egg is sure to add a little zest to your playtime.

The Tenga Egg wavy is a wonderful silicone male masturbation sleeve. It is very flexible for those of us who are above average girth. It is easy to maintain, inexpensive and most importantly: extremely pleasurable and fun to use!

If you're willing to shell for an amazing disposable experience, the Tenga Egg is your best bet. It feels great and makes for an easy cleanup. If you're looking for something longer lasting, save up and get a Flip Hole. Either way you won't be disappointed.

It was amazing play time for my self and my significant other. I also got my friend's wife to buy one for them and they LOVED IT!

While the unpacking of this toy was a great experience, it left me wanting more once I used it. For this reason, I won't be getting another egg any time soon.

I was very pleased with the "Silky" egg and plan on trying out the others. This is something that is great for solo use but couples could use this as well if intercourse was not in the playbook for the night. I am very excited about this product and about the other versions as well. I cannot wait to try them.

Personally this toy is something great to have to spice up the bedroom or give your man something to use when your away.

Although it worked, it takes some time to figure out how to use it. The Tenga Egg isn't very stimulating, but once you figure it out it get the job done. Also, it's super fun to play with. If you're curious about the Tenga Egg, I would recommend you get one. For 10 dollars you can't go wrong.

Overall, the product is good in theory and perhaps if I tried a different ribbed design, it may provide more pleasure. The product, as stated before, is very disposable and can possibly only get a few uses out of it. It would be a good product for free, but I doubt that I would ever buy one again.

This sleeve was not very pleasing at all. Felt like I was trying to stroke with a thick condom on. Only good point was being able to cum inside it and the easy clean up.

I’m not sure what else to say other than I think the adorable Tenga Eggs are a definite innovation where male masturbation sleeves are concerned! They’re easy to use, extremely discreet, made from body safe material, are phthalate and latex free, latex compatible (for use with condoms), can be used in or out of the shower, feel great (based on the responses I got), are soft and supple, very durable, stretch well and most importantly are very, very affordable.

Tenga Egg is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to try out masturbators For 9.99 it is a steal, because the egg is very durable and safe. It is travel friendly and small enough to hide, and it comes in so many different textures. I give this a 5/5 for sure.

This does get the job done and is easy to use. If you only use it once, then clean up is really easy as you just toss it in the trash. Hopefully if you have kids they won't dig it back out to play it afterward.

An eggcellent addition to your basket. The Tenga egg works well for a solo masturbation session. Or with a helping hand during couple play. There are many textures to choose from at less then 10$ a pop. It is a toy not to be missed.

The Tenga Egg is very cool product and worth a try. It's compact and discreet, perfect for those who travel. However, aside from its neat design, it's really just a simple masturbator.

The Tenga Egg was a fun toy for me more than a toy for my boyfriend. I loved using it on my Hitachi, but he found it to be only a bit better than using his hand. It's all mine then!

The egg was a great first masturbator for me, and I was very impressed by it's whimsical Easter look. If I had been able to use it again, I know that it would have been easy to clean as well. It can get sticky with lube, but it has a lot of great factors like being hypoallergenic, nonporous (it's silicone), and latex-free. I was VERY impressed for the time it lasted, but I'm going to have to give it four stars for breaking on me.

This toy can be super fun.... unless you don't treat it right. Body safe, disposable, silky soft and fun to use.

I do enjoy this item and will continue to use it because it is small and easy to clean. Not only that, but it is a great price. This is not the strongest release I have had, but it is worth getting.

I will recommend this to any of my friends its a great toy for beginers as well. So go get it and HAVE FUN!

All in all, for the price and fun factor, what a great item. This is the kind of thing that makes knuckling out a few baby makers truly enjoyable! If you buy one, it doesn't really matter which "model" you choose, the only differences are the textures inside and the way this stretches out, you'd never know the difference.

The Tenga Eggs are worth the purchase, at least for one. While you may only get a few rides out of it, it'll definitely be an exciting new experience that may make you come back for seconds and thirds, like it was for me.

My husband and I were expecting a little bit more, but I'm not saying we were left disappointed. It doesn't provide the realistic feel of a Fleshlight, but it does provide a new sensation to your basic hand job, and jacking off. It's also great to add to oral, to switch up the sensations! Overall it is a great toy for the price. You are paying for a one time use toy, and chances are you will get more uses out of it.

This is a great toy in theory. After reading the reviews, I decided to purchase one. However, I think our egg may have been defective, or maybe it was a user malfunction, but it ended up hurting my husband.

Whether you're looking for something to hold you over while you're out of town without any extra bulk, or you want to have a naughty Easter egg hunt, these adorable little eggs are a great choice. If you're gentle enough, you can even get multiple uses out of a single one!

This toy has a mind-blowing design, although in our experience it was far less than orgasm-producing. The best feature of this toy is, in reality, a gimmick. While it's amazing watching a small egg suddenly swallow an engorged cock, it is a one-time use only toy. Once your fascination with the stretch gimmick fades, you are far more likely to reach for your trusty stroker than to keep shelling out $10 a go. While fun to use once or twice, don't expect any more from this toy.

A cheap, simple and discreet toy that one of any experience level will enjoy. Great for those who travel or are looking for something hassle free

This is a nifty little toy with SUPERB packaging. The silicone feels like heaven. This can be used by men, women, or couples. GET SOME!

I'm a girl, and to me, masturbator sleeves have never appealed to me. Strange mushy vagina flashlights and silicone butt-holes just don't do it for me, and I've never wanted to bring one into my bedroom to experiment with a partner. Tenga changed all that for me. It's sexy and cute. Tenga succeeded in designing a line of mens sex toys that appeal to both sexes and are actually visually attractive. Ontop of that, they work wonders!

I liked my egg, very much. My penis enjoyed it too. I think he's smiling up at me, or rather down to the floor at the moment. I'm looking forward to using this egg, as well as some other designs, very soon.

It's like a kinder Surprise for the big boys, un-wrap your egg to find the toy surprise. Compact, discreet, easy to use, and according to my man preferable to other more expensive masturbatory sleeves. Being relatively inexpensive they are the perfect first foray into the world of such toys, whilst still being suitable for more experienced users.

We loved this egg. It was really very versatile, especially for the inexpensive price tag. We will definitely be trying other styles of eggs.

The Tenga Egg is a unique and interesting take on the Male Masturbator. The low price allows you to buy several and try out the various textures, and softens the blow a bit if it wears out. Don;'t be fooled by the small package...this toy offers a lot of pleasure!

This toy was every bit as fantastic for my man as I'd expected, and fun and easy for me to use on him as well. The Tenga Egg packs big pleasure for such a tiny egg with a tiny price, and is also as discreet as can be for those who need it.

The Egg masturbators by Tenga offer a very unique entry to the sex toy world. It fits into a plastic egg case so it is very discreet. The material is very soft and stretchy so it should work for most guys. The see-through aspect adds a new twist to the use of a masturbator as well. The Twinkle interior texture stimulates well and it's fun to twist it around on your head. It may not be as strong as some materials, so go easy on it if you want to keep using it.

The Tenga Egg was so much fun for us to use as a couple. It was a unique and new experience for us and my guy's expectations were far more than exceeded. The texture felt unique and semi-real and the sleeve fits most men as long as you don't take too long to finish, you should have no problems using this product. We would do it again.

The Tenga Egg is a must have for either a quick masturbation session or a fun addition to your lady's hand job repertoire. There are enough texture patterns to keep everyone satisfied and curious for more. The price can't be beat, so go ahead and pick up a dozen.

The Tenga Egg Click is a single use masturbation tool. It comes complete with everything needed for one masturbation session. The discreet Egg shaped packaging comes with one masturbator and one lubricant. The Tenga Egg offers extra stimulation to the plain hand job for men that are bust, on the go, and travelers.

Probably one of the most dynamic innovations in male sex toys, the Tenga Egg takes every preconception of what a 'good' masturbation sleeve needs and manages to deliver despite embodying the exact opposite. A really clever, satisfying product that gets the job done right.

Before getting the Egg, I was always disappointed with sleeves; the cost and hassle of the added clean-up were just not worth the meager experience. This has totally changed my mind. Tenga includes everything you need for one session, and while this would suggest that the toy is only good for one session, it's durable enough to survive many more. It's discreet enough to pack with you wherever you might want to take it. The Egg is well worth the money, even if you use it just once.

The Tenga egg is great for guys who want to add something new to their masturbation session without investing in a sex toy to keep long term. You might get more than one use out of it if you handle it with care. However, stretching it over the entire length of your penis may break it, depending on your size.

Packed in a unique egg package, the Tenga Egg provides a unique sensation. Relying on the extreme stretchiness of the silicone material, Tenga Eggs stretch from their small 2x2-1/2" dimensions to fit almost anyone, providing a fun, inexpensive, and easy to clean and store experience. Turned inside out, the Egg can also be used on the vulva, clitoris our anus for more pleasure. The Stepper comes with small curved ridges providing texture on the inside.

Once you crack open the Tenga Egg, you will find a penis sleeve that is fun, easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to carry around. It is probably one of the best sex toys you can get for the money. The Tenga Egg is another example of good things coming in small packages.

Going out of town? Just did something awesome and want to reward yourself? A Tenga Egg is a great for both instances! The Egg has a variety of textures and requires almost no prep, I love it!

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