Don't wanna eat this omelette, but I love to make it...

Stop just jerking off! Upgrade your experience and invest in some quality time with yourself, and stop abusing that which we all hold so dear! A very realistic feel, easy cleanup, and a far better overall experience than just beating your meat, take the plunge and beat an egg instead. Grab any of a number of textures, spend 10 seconds with prep, and transform any moment into an experience to remember.
Ease of use, Discreet, FANTASTIC upgrade from standard masturbation
Some noise, loves dirt
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The Tenga egg is a toy literally designated as a masturbator. Well, fellas, just in case eons of evolution didn't build that technique into your existence, and your exploratory sense is such that you are the type to stop and ask for directions, you'll pass those instructions on your way to the toy. This must be one of the simplest toys to use, but if in doubt, just read the pictograph instructions on the plastic eggshell wrapper. If you can read Japanese, all the better, and you can read for yourself, character by character (I'd be curious to see the literal translation).

The intent is that this is a one-time use toy, which has lent itself to the travel companion idea, but I can't think of an instance where this toy would NOT be appropriate. Whenever you have the time and the space, grab and egg and get to going. It is an entirely self-contained system: just fill with the included lube and go, or even having a partner surprise you with a departure from the standard handy will be mighty fine. While this toy can be used for a special occasion or big night in, it works just as well just to improve the experience of a regular-day session.
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    • Ease of use
    • Travel friendly

Material / Texture

The Tenga egg is a very simple toy, made of super-stretchy silicone, which has a very soft jelly feel, but with a texture like skin (just cold, which can be an annoyance of its own). Silicone rates a 10 on the Eden Safety scale, and the eggs come in a variety of interior textures, which will all have different levels of stimulation for different users. As was asked of Indy, "choose wisely." Not really; since the eggs are so inexpensive, you might as well get several, since they'll add up to be about the same as any other standard masturbator, only you'll be able to try several and pick one most to your liking.

The egg did have a very light odor to it, as you could expect from any fresh-from-the-package item, and that odor will stay, but become less noticeable. The feel is soft, almost squishy, and the silicone is incredibly stretchy, so it truly is one-size-fits-all, unless you're a horse. The skin-like feel adds an uncanny amount of realism to such an inexpensive toy, inside and out. The real feeling is great for anybody, experienced or otherwise, and really makes time away from the significant other a little more bearable.
    • Flexible
    • Light odor
    • Textured interior

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This toy has its shape in its name, so it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out the size and shape. The Tenga is just a hair larger than a standard egg, before use. Because it is so stretchy, there are no concerns about fit, even if you're on the smaller side, because it's also very squishy. The size lends itself to all users, big and small, and discretion couldn't be much better; unless they know what they're looking for, nobody will know what this is (in the eggshell), especially with the wrapper removed. Take a weeklong trip, pack 3 or 4 into your bag, and put your (or somebody else's) kids' names on the eggshells (just make sure you don't actually give them to your kids).
    • Beginner
    • Discreet look/design
    • Will fit most people

Care and Maintenance

As mentioned before, the Tenga egg is intended to be a single-use toy, so the easiest care and maintenance on the planet is to use it and toss it. Some have already experienced sub-standard lifespans with this toy, i.e. less than a single use; but I have taken it upon myself to see how long I can continue to use and reuse this toy: thus far, I have DOZENS of uses in this toy with no failures, only a little wear. That said, the simplest care and maintenance I've found is running water and soap, but having several packs of Edenwipes around the house, sometimes it'll get a wipe as well. I'll then store it inside out with the funnel/lube holder inside with the tab under the lip to allow some air flow, and tuck it lightly inside the egg shell.

Mind where you rest the toy, however, as after cleaning or even before use, the surface is pretty tacky, and it will pick up all sorts of fibers and dust and dog hairs. As with all silicone toys, water-based lube only, but the included lube is fantastic for longevity and performance.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


This toy, when packaged or repackaged, is incredibly discreet: if on a business trip and the TSA is looking through your bag, it could easily pass as a plastic egg full of candy or a quarter toy for your kids. It is a standard plastic eggshell, maybe 5% larger than a standard AA extra-large egg you get from the grocery store. The toy itself fits exactly right inside before use, but stretches after use and doesn't quite fit, in case you plan to attempt reuse.

The instructions are a little vague, unless you're fluent in Japanese, but the small size certainly limits the space upon which to print detailed instructions in several languages. The eggshell is not suitable for storage, as the toy will stretch and not fit inside without pressing the shell back open, and with as tight as the fit inside is, I wouldn't advise putting a freshly washed toy inside a potentially airtight storage system without proper drying.
    • Discreet looking packaging


As mentioned before, I have some miles on my Tenga egg, and it's still running strong. While it was intended to be single use, I have wrung many more uses out of mine, and with proper care and not abusing the toy, it can last you a while. Other than reusability, the experience changed my outlook on toys.

The egg proved to be a FAR better experience than any regular self-induced handy. While it started cold, which kind of turned me on for my first time, it can be a bit of an annoyance. Silicone retains heat, so after being next to skin for a short while, it warms up. Otherwise, the texture and the lube changed the handful-experience to be almost real: the waves ebb and flow, up and down, and stimulate the entire length, not just the head, as some expect. The experience far outweighs bare hand, and transforms maintenance-style masturbation into a true sexual experience, and the realism lets you focus more on whatever muse might be tickling you at the moment. The resultant orgasm can be phenomenal: not quite like a mutual orgasm with the love of your life, but far exceeding the roughened-hand abuse you used to bestow upon your mini-me.

One thing to note: as a toy with a single opening, it will capture air and make some noise as the air bubbles move around. It isn't silent, but not incredibly discreet either; you can hear it through covers and possibly through a door. The sound is much like walking on a water bed or squeezing an unfrozen Otterpop in your hand.

I used to hate the idea, and used to think that my hand was the best thing since sliced bread (especially back in puberty). After my experience with the egg, I've come around, literally and metaphorically, and I don't foresee any bare hand action for a long while. If you or your partner are on the fence about toys, try one of these; it was an experience-changing event for me; and if you had a bad experience with another egg, try a different texture: I expect the Stepper, my most recent gift, to at least equal the Wavy, but I'll update on that in the future.
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