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Tenga Eggs are a great toy for both men and women--men can use it as masturbators, and women can use it as masturbation aids. For travel or intro use to textured wand covers, this is top notch, and if you can get past the stickiness factor, you'll be thrilled. Just be warned that it may break a bit easily, even if you're gentle!
Made of smooth, soft silicone; everything you need is contained in the egg; cleanup is easy.
Breaks a bit easily, VERY sticky, kind of a weird smell.
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Important Note
This review is going to talk about the Tenga Eggs as used with a Hitachi (or similar) Wand. As I don't have a penis myself, I'm only going to talk about ways you would use it for that, but will not be sharing my experience directly. If you're looking for info about how the Tenga egg can be used from a more first person point of view, I'd recommend going to the list of Tenga reviews and selecting another review.

Tenga Eggs are made to be used as single use, male masturbation product. They're small and discreet, and perfect for travel. Tenga eggs can also be used as an inexpensive cover for a Hitachi wand--it's always good to make sure you're going to like texture before you drop $40 on a Pleasure Dome.

Tenga eggs come in a small capsule that looks a lot like plastic Easter Eggs. The outside packaging is in English, so if someone picks it up they'll know that its, "Diverse nubs create a dynamic massage," create, "super stretch sensations for men!" There's also a picture of how to use the Tenga Eggs, so it'll be fairly obvious this is a masturbation sleeve.

When you peel off the label, you can pop open the egg to reveal the masturbator. The tenga egg itself is a milky white, and it has a fairly strong plastic odor that isn't totally sexy. As the egg itself is made of silicone, I assume it has to do with the encasement it's in. The eggs are totally self contained, so they come with a small pouch of (water based) lubricant. Unfortunately, the ingredient list is entirely in Japanese, and I'm not able to identify which of their lubricants is in this egg to find the ingredients on their site. If you've got any sensitivities, I'd recommend skipping it. Additionally, if you plan on using this as a one time toy, you can use a silicone lubricant of your choice, since you'll be tossing it out and don't have to worry about melting.

The eggs also come with a plastic tube that's meant as a delivery device for the lube, so the lube actually gets to the bottom of the egg, instead of being only on the sides. I think if you use enough lube, and make sure to kind of squish the egg around, lube is evenly dispersed. After you've got the lube applied, just pull it over the head of your penis and enjoy!

I've tried the Spider texture, and I must admit that when I felt it for the first time when it was lubricated, it reminded me feeling a woman's g-spot, so I imagine that it would feel rather nice when used for its intended purpose.
However, I didn't use it on a penis, I used it on my Hitachi. The usage is similar to using it on a penis, except you substitute a Hitachi. As Tenga claims you can pull this all the way over a 500ml plastic bottle, you should have no problem getting it all the way over the Hitachi. It provides really nice texture in use, and it also serves as good protection for sharing with a partner or use during your menstrual cycle. The egg does dissipate vibrations a little bit, but not a huge amount, as the egg is pretty thin. I really prefer using the Hitachi with the Tenga eggs atop it because it makes the Hitachi butter smooth, plus I have the benefit of the safety of silicone with it.

The major downfall to using it as a cover is the amount of lint it picks up; because it can be used as an unintended cleaning device, I'd recommend storing it in the tenga egg instead of leaving it on the Hitachi at all times. I found no issue with it melting or adhering to the Hitachi, no matter which way I had it applied (inside out or right side out). You can use this indefinitely, really, as use on a Hitachi doesn't stretch it out as much as using it as a masturbator, but eventually the washing got to mine and I accidentally poked a hole through the top. Oops! For male use, you should be gentle with it if you'd like to re-use it, as stretching it over a penis can cause the material to thin and eventually break.

If you're using this as a one use toy, when you're done, just insert it back into the plastic egg and dispose of it however you'd like. For multi use, you can wash it with soap and water and--this is important!--let it dry before you put it back into the egg for storage.
Follow-up commentary
Well, it's finally happened: I have burnt through my Tenga Egg. I'm not sure what exactly was the cause of its demise, but I noticed a tear at the top of the egg after use recently and removed the whole egg--and then I noticed that sticky pieces were adhered to my Hitachi. Eeewwwww. Some of the inner nubbies had detached and were stuck in a rather glue-like fashion to the Hitachi. Does this dissuade me? Not at all. Just means I'll change the egg once a month, rather than waiting for it to expire.
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