Tenga egg masturbator - sex toy by Tenga - review by Fanny

TENGA is the BEST!

I'm a girl, and to me, masturbator sleeves have never appealed to me. Strange mushy vagina flashlights and silicone butt-holes just don't do it for me, and I've never wanted to bring one into my bedroom to experiment with a partner. Tenga changed all that for me. It's sexy and cute. Tenga succeeded in designing a line of mens sex toys that appeal to both sexes and are actually visually attractive. Ontop of that, they work wonders!
Super well designed! Adorable and works great!
Not as strong as I wish it was. We broke our first one!
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The Tenga Egg is meant to fit over the penis and stretch down over the shaft. You can grip the body of the egg with your hand and pull it up and down over the penis to provide stimulation. It's a very simple design and doesn't really involve any kind of instruction. I've heard of people using it turned inside out and inserted into the vagina or used anally, but I've never done that so I can't exactly provide any testimony about that. It's great to use by yourself for guys, but also a lot of fun to use as a couple in the bedroom!

Material / Texture

The egg is made out of silicone and it's very squishy! It's really soft and pliable. It feels like one of those weird stretchy toys with tentacles, if that makes any sense to you. It's basically an egg with a hole in the wider end of it to put the penis into (you can tell pretty much what it looks like from the picture). There are a variety of textures, but the only one we've tried was the "spider" texture. It has sort of a grid of textured blocks inside to provide stimulation. It doesn't have any kind of noticeable smell to it, but I didn't really put it to my nose to try to detect any.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

The shape: Egg shaped
Size: egg sized
Design: egg!!!!!

It's pretty simple really. And although it's just the size of the egg its SUUUPER stretchy.
The packaging is SO adorable. I found them at a sex shop and they were all sitting in a little egg carton. I loved it! How could I resist? Each one comes in a little plastic egg case and inside is the silicone egg. Inside the silicon egg is a little container of lubricant that you open up and pour inside the egg before use.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The egg fits right over the head of the penis and stretches down over the shaft very easily. My boyfriend was thrilled with the sensation! He'd never used a masturbation sleeve before this, and for him it was a real treat. This toy does exactly what it says it does. It's just a really simple, great feeling masturbation toy. The lube that they provide is great and we didn't need to add any to it.

One issue, however, was that it's really not that strong. After a while, we got a little bolder with it and must have pulled it too far down the shaft and it broke! So sad! I can't really complain though, since this toy is meant to be disposable. Anyway, if you're careful with the toy, it should be just fine. It's really a great purchase and we had a lot of fun with it! Can't wait to try the other textures.

Again, I'm a girl, so I can't really describe the sensations that it gave, but my boyfriend gives it a two thumbs up and seemed to really enjoy it!

Care and Maintenance

I suppose you could probably try and use this again, but we didn't (mostly because it broke). Next time, I'll try washing it out and using it again! Since it's silicone, you'll want to use a water based lubricant with it.

Personal comments

This thing is so awesome. If you're a guy looking to spice up solo sessions, this is for you. If you're a couple looking to add something fun to the bedroom routine, this is for you too! I really love this thing, as well as all of the products that Tenga makes. They really designed these things well, from the way they look to the way they work.
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  • buzzvibe
    Glad he enjoyed it! I'm still on the fence with these, mostly because I lack the necessary appendage. I'd be game to try sex while my partner is wearing it, though. Thanks for the review!
  • SexyySarah
    Great review!
  • Kindred
    Nice review, thanks!
  • Fanny
    Buzzvibe: I'm not so sure I'd try sex with a partner while wearing it! It's kind of a thick material, nothing like a condom or a penis extension that fits close to the penis. Without stretching it down over the shaft, it's sort of a weird large floppy mushroom tip that just sits on the head of the penis. I'm not entirely sure it would be safe to use in that way. Ours broke just by using it the normal way, and I'd hate to imagine it breaking inside of you!
  • B8trDude
    This review akes me want to try one of these sometime
    Nice review
  • Mydildo
    Good job!
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