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Coochy protection reviews

38 reviews
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38 reviews

If you've never tried an aftershave, or even if you've unsuccessfully tried something else, this could be exactly what you're looking for.

Coochy Protection is a wonderful product! It does exactly what it says and prevents your skin from getting ingrown hair or bumps after you shave. It moisturizes your skin and keeps it pain free!

Overall this is a normal aftershave, there aren't really a lot of things that makes this special. It might smell girlier, and be less drying but that's it. It doesn't really contain anything that really makes its claims to toning, nor preventing irritation at all and is more equivalent of lotions with all kinds of botanical extracts that claim to reverse aging and such.

The Coochy After Shave is a great product that helps protect your skin from irritation after shaving. It helps prevent those ugly red bumps and ingrown hairs. It mists on easily with the 360° sprayer, which allows easy access anywhere. A little product goes a long way, and it is sold at a great price.

If you ever wanted an after shave mist that protects you from razor burn and irritation. Look no further than Coochy. I have never really owned an after shave mist but I decided to give this a try along with the shaving cream and I am glad I did I really enjoy them both.

An excellent complimentary product to the Coochy Shaving Cream, but can be used with any shaving cream/ritual that works for you. Keeps skin calm and irritation free for at least up to 12 hours.

All in all, this product is great. It does what it's supposed to do. I recommend this to everyone that is tired of rashes and bumps. I will always buy this product.

Coochy Protection is light mist that helps protect your skin after shaving. Whether you use it alone or pair it with Coochy shave cream, you'll notice an improvement in the quality of your skin!

Though it smells like baby wipes, the Coochy Protection Mist Aftershave proved to me that I can have smooth skin without irritation. I applied this after using the Coochy Shave Creme and saw immediate improvement in my shave and skin. It left me with healthy skin with a natural glow and most importantly rash free!

This item is designed to help avoid issues that happen when shaving, inducing bumps and ingrowns. This does an amazing job while leaving your bits smelling excellent AND feeling excellent!

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist is a fabulous addition to one's daily skin care regiment. Because of the area it's designed for, it brings a whole new level of protection for those of us who have or tend to suffer from "Burning Bush Syndrome" after a shave or wax. Because it reduces the pore size, our shaved skin can have a healthy happy look. I ♥ Coochy Shave Cream, Coochy After Shave Protection Mist, and Coochy After Shave Protection Powder.

Try Coochy After Shave Protection Mist, you won't be disappointed. There is no product out there that can protect you like Coochy After Shave Protection Mist!

The Coochy Protection after shave cream from Classic Erotica is one of the best after shaves on the market today. I have tried many products in my quest for relief from razor burn and rashing and this has come in and saved the day. I am now a devoted follower of the Coochy product line!

This product really works, even/especially for those with delicate skin. You can use this product EVERY day, it applies evenly, without funky residue or odors. This is a MUST HAVE in any man or woman's "get sexy" routine.

Overall, I like this item. I will be curious to see what it does for me as time goes on.

I love this so much. My coochy has never felt smoother and is no longer irritated after shaving with this amazing spray. I also love the scent of this spray and the fact you can spray at any angle.

I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend or anyone who is looking to reduce irritation caused by shaving. It can also be used to prevent chafing. This protection mist is safe to use anywhere on the body, has many botanical ingredients and is great for people with sensitive skin.

As much as the Coochy aftershave powder disappointed me, the protection spray impressed me. It has a better applicator and smell and it just works. In fact, I would go so far as to say I've never used an aftershave product that works quite so well and I hope that Classic Erotica always makes this product. I am truly hooked!

To prevent razor burn, rashes from nickle based razors, ingrown hairs, and friction burns on newly shaved skin use a spritz of Coochy After Shave Mist. It works to prevent as well as clear up these types of rashes and irritations. Non-irritating even on my irritable skin this is going to be in my bathroom for many happy years to come.

This is worth a try if you frequently experience irritation after shaving. My first thought was that this was a waste of money, but I definitely noticed the impact it had on my skin when I was running late one day and did not apply it. This is NOT a miracle product and won't give you magical supermodel legs, but it will make a noticeable difference if you consistently get pretty irritated after shaving.

Coochy Protection does a good job of protecting skin, however the horrid scent makes me want to run away screaming.

I'm a believer! Since I started using Coochy After Shave Protection Mist my skin has been softer and I have not encountered the usual itching and irritation that usually accompanies shaving. I love the natural botanical smell of this spray and I love its soothing effect on my skin even more. Overall, it is a lovely product and well worth the money!

Coochy Protection will shield your cooter from undesirable irritation after shaving. It can also protect other body areas (legs, and face for men)! It has a nice light floral/herbal scent that can only be smelled within very close proximity. It is definitely a product worth trying.

Coochy has done it again, this time with a compliment to their original product. You don't need to have their shave cream to enjoy this spray. No matter how you shave or what you shave, Coochy will calm irritation and keep scratchy clothes from ruining smooth skin.

If you want to take every step you can to avoid razor burn, bumps, irritations, and other icky shaving-related issues, this product is worth checking out. It can be used immediately after your shave to protect your newly-shaven area, or used daily for soft, irritation-free skin. I love the smell, but I'm not sure it has the most noticeable results.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Coochy Protection. Great for men and women from the pussy to the scrotum to the face to the legs - perfect for anyone, anywhere, any time.

This product has saved my coochy's self esteem! Prevented all irritation and even cleared up some irritation I had from prior shaves. I will buy this again as soon as I run out! Ingredients listed in my review! Please read!

With a list of almost natural ingredients, Coochy Protection Spray goes on as nice as water, but leaves behind a nice barrier that helps to protect you from irritation. It will leave you smoother and softer for a little bit longer than using nothing at all.

Coochy protection has now become a must-have for me. And I'm left wondering, "Why haven't I tried this before?" If you frequently deal with ingrown hairs or irritation post shaving, this is a must-have!

I would recommend that anyone buying the Coochy Cream, get this to go along with it. It really does what it says and that is a great PRO in my book!

Back up protection for your cooter? Coochy has got ya covered! A spray that can be dispensed at any angle from its unique sprayer, helps to protect from in grown hairs, razor burn, and adds smoothness and hydration. It smells fresh and leaves you feeling silky. it does burn a bit and contains some less than desirable ingredients, but it is a great addition to a beauty routine.

The Coochy After Shave Protection Mist lives up to its name and has protected my girlie parts from irritation and ingrown hairs which I often encounter when doing a close, smooth shave. I've had the same 4 fl oz bottle for years now and it still works just as good as the day I purchased it.

Coochy shaving protection is an inexpensive to help reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn. Men can even use this product for their facial hair. Combine this product with the coochy shaving creme and you will have great time shaving.

Ladies, if you shave your coochy on a regular basis, this product will make it a less dreadful job. Used with the Coochy Shave Cream, this makes for a soft, smooth, and clean coochy.

This is a great product that leaves my skin moisturized and irritation free. For someone with really sensitive skin like me, this is a good addition to the shaving ritual.

Coochy Protection is the perfect after shave to use after shaving with Coochy Shave Cream. It prevents ingrown hairs and razor burn and doesn't dry out your skin. And it's perfect for anyone to use.

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist does great against irritation and leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth. It has a light fragrance that smells fresh and clean. It has a 360 degree sprayer that allows you to spray from any angle and get it where you want it.

Coochy After Shave Protection Mist leaves your skin feeling supple and soft after you shave. It smells fresh and clean and leaves you feeling exactly that.

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