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You don't notice until you stop using it...

This is worth a try if you frequently experience irritation after shaving. My first thought was that this was a waste of money, but I definitely noticed the impact it had on my skin when I was running late one day and did not apply it. This is NOT a miracle product and won't give you magical supermodel legs, but it will make a noticeable difference if you consistently get pretty irritated after shaving.
easy to use, inexpensive, smells okay, effective
smell can get old and isn't for everyone, might not have desired effect
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This product is great for anyone who experiences irritation after shaving. I have stubborn hair and, despite loofa-ing until the cows come home, I still get ingrown hairs and unsightly red bumps after shaving. Even with a new razor! Since I'm the exact specimen this product was made for, I thought I'd try it. Even if it didn't work for me, I'd only be out $10. If you have the same problem as me, I'd encourage you to try this spray (or earn enough points to get it for free, shouldn't take long!).

I apply this spray once per day after my shower and shaving ritual. I don't find it necessary to apply if I didn't shave. This is definitely a product you can use daily as part of your routine and if it works for you; you will incorporate it into your regimen easily.

In addition to the light floral fragrances, there are glycerin and alcohol in the spray, so if you are sensitive to any of those, you may want to be cautious and do a spot test before you just start spraying willy-nilly. I tend to react to cheaper products with lower quality ingredients and didn't have a problem with this spray. The alcohol didn't over dry my skin and the glycerin was also problem-free.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The quality of the liquid is pretty much like water. It's not gel-like or goopy at all and mists smoothly just like water or body spray. Sometimes I apply it by spraying it onto my palm and then rubbing it into my skin and occasionally notice that it can leave my palm feeling a little bit tacky, but not too noticeably. I do not notice it on my legs after I've sprayed it and it takes a moment to dry. I haven't even had a problem with it clogging the nozzle between uses.

Once the spray dries on my skin, I can't tell I sprayed it in the first place. If I get sweaty, I also don't notice the spray.
    • Smooth

Taste / Aroma

The smell was not offensive to me at all and reminded me of a floral-scented hair spray. I read other reviews that commented that the smell was bad, but I think that totally depends on your personal tolerance for floral scents. The smell isn't too strong and I think it dissipates pretty quickly. My boyfriend hasn't commented once about it - not asking me if I'm using a new product or what that flowery smell is - so I'm guessing he hasn't really noticed (and he usually notices when I change brands of perfume).
Also, the smell doesn't come back or get re-awoken with sweat.

I did a taste check by tasting my hand after spraying and applying using my hands. I didn't notice much of a taste; just the slight flavor of something having been on my skin (really comparable to the flavor of a little bit of soap residue). I wouldn't expect the taste to be off putting or to cause your partner to freak out if they are nibbling or kissing anywhere you’ve sprayed it.
    • Light smell
    • Light taste


I pretty much use this daily and have noticed that one bottle will last quite a while. I haven't made it halfway through the bottle and I've been using it nearly daily for around 6 weeks. As long as you don't spray yourself down to the point of drenching, you shouldn't go through this product too quickly. I expect to maybe use 2 and a half bottles over the span of a single year if I use it daily. I can't imagine you'd need to use it more than once per day unless you are shaving and showering more frequently than that.

I apply every morning after my shower (occasionally I will skip application if I didn't shave). I spray the product onto my palm and wipe it onto my thighs, cooch and bottom. I've tried spraying the product directly onto my legs and then rubbing in but I feel like I have a little more control over where it goes when I spray onto my hand and then apply with my hand. I also think I use maybe 1 or 2 sprays fewer with this method. I wipe it on and wait about 30 seconds to a minute for it to dry, then I can get dressed and don't notice it.

My boyfriend doesn't notice when I've applied it. He can't feel it on my skin and hasn't commented on any taste or smell.

If I've cut myself while shaving, this doesn't sting when it gets in the cut. It does seem to help slow and stop the bleeding a little more quickly than blotting it with tissue or doing nothing at all. I'd hazard a guess that it also cuts down on surrounding irritation when you cut yourself and that it helps your cuts heal a bit faster by acting as a protective layer, but I don't have any evidence to prove that. Just what I've observed in my use.

I frequently get pretty heavy irritation when I shave my more sensitive thighs and bottom. I will sometimes get irritation on my labia majora, but that is less of an issue for me. Before using this spray, I would get bad red breakouts that looked a lot like heat rash. When I started using the spray, I didn't really notice that it was working because I still had a few red bumps, but they were MINIMAL. Maybe 5% of what I had had before the spray. I didn't think the spray was that awesome because my legs weren't looking airbrushed-perfect. However, when I missed a day of the spray after doing a heavy shave job last week, my thighs were shockingly angry red by the end of the day. The following day I followed up with spray and my legs calmed back down.

For me, this product works quite well. My end result is not a pair of sleek, shiny, smooth legs that look Photoshopped and pefect, but my legs do look like I take good care of them and don't look like I'm suffering from a terrible, contagious rash. My boyfriend has noticed that they look significantly better and has commented on it. I feel like I look like a normal person again, and I'm excited for summer again to give shorts season another go around with more attractive legs!

I definitely am going to try to get some before pictures for my follow up review to show the difference the spray makes for me.
    • Absorbs into skin nicely
    • Feels natural
    • Long lasting


The packaging for the spray was very simple and basic. The small clear bottle has a label with all the important information, just like in the product picture. Other than that, the bottle came in a plastic bag that was tied off at the top to prevent spilling and damage to other products during shipping. There was no box or extra literature.

The label that comes on the bottle is not incredibly discreet, since it says "Coochy" pretty boldly on the front. That said, if you left this on your bathroom counter or in the cabinet amongst some other similarly shaped or sized bottles, it shouldn't stand out. Just turn the label to the back and it just looks like another bottle of body spray.
back label
Pretty nondescript.

This is what the back label looks like:
back info
(Sorry it isn't incredibly clear and focused!)

I had no problems with my bottle leaking, even when I turned it upside down to spray or shook it. I would note that I was impressed with the bottle's "360 degree" spraying ability, allowing me to spray those delicate parts pretty easily. The small clear cap that covers the nozzle was also very secure.
    • Can be opened with one hand
    • Does not leak
    • Easy to use / dispense
Follow-up commentary
I still use this product daily, and it is still performing to my expected standards. I have been using the spray regularly since around Thanksgiving. It is now mid-April and I have about a third of the bottle left, so I imagine that it would last nearly 9 months if you aren't being wasteful. I have noticed that the image of the packaging here on EF has changed, so your bottle might not look like mine does in the pictures.

The bottle that I have is advertised as being 360-degree sprayable, but once you're down to about half the spray or less, it doesn't do a great job spraying upside down consistently. It still can manage, but it isn't perfect.

Here's a glimpse at what my irritation might look like before I started using Coochy Protection:
Before Using Spray

Here's what my end result usually is when I've been using the spray. (I'm a little red from having been sitting on a weird chair, but otherwise, there's very little irritation to see.)
After Spray

My boyfriend has also used the spray when he shaved his jungle. He usually gets pretty irritated and itchy and noticed that that was lessened when he used the spray. He's used it on his face once, but didn't really care for the floral scent.

The ultimate test is about to arrive - how well this spray can protect my legs from irritation during these warm summer months. I will definitely update with a comment if it can't handle the Texas heat.

This is certainly still a product I would recommend. When my bottle runs out in a few months, I'll be buying a new one.
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